The Most Common Programming Languages

A programming language is used for the purpose of development of computer programs and applications which can be utilized for some specific business purpose. There are a diverse nature of business requirements and an in-depth understanding of the programming languages is required to decide the right language for a specific project. Each language has its own specific features and functionality which is suitable for some or the other purposes. This article will provide you an introduction to some of the languages. Although there are a  large number of programming languages available but this article will cover only a few of the popular and well known languages.


C++ is a very popular language, normally utilized by the novice programmers to gain a grip over the programming concepts and functions. It is normally used as the first language in the university programs to provide an awareness of the programming concepts to the students. It functions, both as a high level programming language and to some extent it, can also serve as the low level programming language.


Java has captured a great popularity in the last decade among the programmers. This can be used for a large number of different types of projects ranging from console applications, to desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications. Different frameworks also utilize it for their development tasks. You can write Java code to write an action script of Flash and you can also write Android based mobile applications using Java.


VB.NET is a programming language available with .NET which is a comprehensive language that can be utilized for the purpose of desktop and web application development. This is one of the most commonly used languages and is liked among the programmers because of its ease of use. All the .NET features are available to this language which make it a much more robust development platform.


C# is another very popular and commonly used programming language which is compatible with the .NET framework. It also provides all the functionality available with the VB.NET but its syntax is greatly different than the VB.NET. The syntax of C# is much like C++ and Java whereas the syntax of VB.NET is more like Visual Basic.


JavaScript is a scripting language that is mainly utilized for the purpose of introducing user interaction on the web projects. This provides most of the functions of structured programming and is quite easy to learn. With the help of JavaScript code you can provide quite sophisticated functions to your web development which are otherwise not possible with the plain HTML and programming language.


PHP is a scripting language that is open source and is mainly designed for the purpose of web development. This is used to develop dynamic web pages. Its code is embedded with the HTML to deliver the final web page code. PHP was introduced in 1995 and it has made a great progress since it was introduced. Most of the websites today have been developed using this scripting language.

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