The Most Common Roofing Issues

All home owners should know the importance of having a structurally safe and sound home. What many of them do not realize, however, is the huge role that a home’s roof can play in its overall structural soundness. While it is recommended that home owners have professional roof inspections conducted at least once per year, many neglect or simply forget to have this done. Over time, failure to have proper inspections and preventative roof maintenance can lead to expensive and involved repairs. Below is a list and description of the most common roof problems that result when regular inspections are not performed.

One of the most common issues that can easily develop over time is that of curled, broken, or altogether missing shingles. This is typically caused by normal wear and tear as well as severe weather conditions. Specifically, a strong storm or windy day can cause shingles to be curled or even ripped out of the roof altogether. And while home owners may not think that a couple of missing shingles is anything to worry about, the unfortunate truth is that even just a few missing or damaged shingles can open up the possibility for roof rotting, decay, holes, and other expensive damage. Having missing shingles replaced immediately is the best way to prevent further damage and repair expenses down the road.

Gutter problems are also quite common in roofs that are left unmaintained for extended periods of time. During this time period, leaves and other debris can be blown into the home’s gutters, causing them to clog. Once these clogs occur, there is a much higher chance of mold and mildew growing underneath the roof and eventually spreading into the home. This can be a major health hazard is left untreated. Having a home’s gutters cleaned out every few months, or at least during a routine yearly roofing inspection is an excellent way to avoid this problem.

Finally, damage from small animals and insects can also occur is a roof is not properly maintained and inspected. This is especially common near the soffit of the roof itself, which is located in the front wooden boards along the roof line itself. If these insects or animals go unnoticed, this problem can get out of control and can lead to cracks, holes, and rotting over time. In addition to roof repair services, home owners may also find themselves needing to call out the help of a pest removal service, which can be a pain. Luckily, this problem is easily avoidable by having routine preventative maintenance done on the roof.

Overall, there are many different problems that can develop on a roof over time. For this reason, it is important for home owners to keep an eye on the roof itself to the best of their ability and to look for obvious signs of damage, such as discoloration of the roof line, leaks, and missing shingles. By having preventative maintenance done now, home owners can avoid significantly more expensive repairs in the long run.

Harry Lyon is a freelance writer and construction worker. He has recently had to repair his roof and used the team at Turnbull Roofing, to help him.

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