The Multi-Channel Message: Managing Your Brand

Your brand is now a narrative. It is a winding, meandering story that cultivates in character, setting and tone in the mind of your customers, prospects, and all who come into contact with it via its gradual and confluent dissemination throughout the many possibilities for communication that now exist  in this modern world. For thousands of years stories have been told; from tales passed on to one another by word of mouth, to the written word enrapturing the imagination, capturing the essence of passing on your story and the ways in which it can now be passed on, is the key to creating a successful brand. When it comes to management, you’ll want to make sure you cascade your brand strategy and mindset properly, keeping up with your competitors and reaching your customers wherever they happen to be.

How it Works

Ensuring that you’re touching all possible communicative avenues is achieving multi-channel branding, thus widening your reach and essentially, allowing your story to be told through more means to more people – exactly what we want. To do this, it needs to start with you – assess your situation, your brand, how people see it, how people engage with it, and then decide how people COULD see it, and how they COULD engage with it. The chances are, this will open your mind to innovative marketing ideas you’d never have considered beforehand.

What it Involves

Once you have clearly defined your goals, your multi-channel message and meticulously assembled your narrative, it’s time to think about successful leadership – how will this work throughout your company? The key component is raising awareness; and whilst a visual marketing drive, for example, via POS, will certainly help, you need to be absolutely sure everybody in your company is on board and telling the same story through as many mediums as they can. You do this by helping your management to thoroughly grasp the ins and outs, let them live your brand, allow it to become part of their culture. Leave no rock unturned, and no question unanswered – complete transparency with your team will only strengthen the internal cadence of the core competencies of your new multichannel brand.
With your management fully installed on the idea of multi-channel selling, and fully conversant in the various channels of communication that you are attempting to move in on, the idea then is that this message, your story, seeps right down to the front end of the company; and with training and compliance, supplied by your management, this will reach the customer with the same gusto that it left the managers.

So What Next Then?

Whilst your message is being distributed vivaciously from your front end, you need to make sure that these new channels are thoroughly tended to. From social networking, to online shopping, from blogs to digital signage, and back into the real world, events, sponsoring, radio, TV; are the channels you are already using as engaging as they could be? Are the new ones consistently updated with a personality and voice that strengthens your story and tells it in interesting, new ways? The goal here is not only to reach more people, but also to let more people reach you and actively encourage them to do so.
Multi-channel is the future, and in amongst these volatile financial conflictions, doing all you can to make sure your buyer can touch your company in all the right places is vital. Manage your brand like a story, and distribute that story throughout your company, and then throughout the world of your buyers and you will be one step ahead of the competition.

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