The New Myspace A Different Point Of View

First Impression
I’ve been reading some of the latest buzz around the new look, design and features of the upcoming new look of Myspace and I have to say that they are quite negative. But let me introduce you with my opinion from my personal experience with the new social network. First of all I have to say it something quite beautiful I really like how they putted the things together and the way that they are going it is the right way. Why I think that? The design Is great the new sideway scrolling feature is really something new in the social networks that we know it is not now just boring scrolling down but is rich on content well putted scrolling sideways which gives the user a new experience. Most of the people are skeptical about that features but the new ideas and innovations are the things that push technologies ahead.

User Experience and Features
Although it is quite empty now and it is just opened for users from January there really interesting stuff that you can do. Following your favorite artists have never been so easy and eye catching, the flow of information as I said before is beautiful, sharing your photos, personal statuses, stories and videos are putted in a flow which as you know now you can scroll sideways and it is really looking great, I have seen some of the users and artists profiles and the mix with stories high quality photos and videos of your stream is something that can really devour your time. The features besides this are not so rich at the moment but I have to say that I am looking forward to see if the developers will go for brand pages how are they going to feel with their user interact, commercials, games and so on, so that Myspace can target and the marketers and entrepreneurs as well than rather just artist and user as for now. The music after all is the main thing that is happening in the new Myspace right now. The experience with the tons of free music that you can listen is great the player is well placed at the bottom of the site and you have plenty of options to make your own mixes and list as well as following you favorite artists and directly getting the latest news and songs from them.

The Competition
Compared to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin it may seem confusing when you get your hands on the new Myspace.But after just one hour spent as for me I was quite impressed from the work that they done. The old look of Myspace was really out of date and going in your profile felt like something just not the right thing to do in 2012, with the tons of heavy customized themes for profiles it was some kind of colorful chaos and the experience was out of the date.

The New Look
I have to say again great job for the all of team that worked for the new Myspace. I am looking forward to see how they will evolve the social network and what it will become. As for search engines it is the perfect combination, beautiful, user friendly, rich of content I mean all kind of content like videos, photos, stories and so on. It will be interesting to see in what direction they are going to develop it and it is going to be usable as well and for brands which is target that from Myspace can’t afford to miss. Overall I am impressed with the new Myspace I am looking forward to see this social network in its full shine as for all the people that look negative to it I have to say that they should look it again. For me it is something new and shiny and I will give them a chance, after all Columbus was the first man that believed that the world is round, so the direction Myspace is going maybe just the right one.

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