The Power Of Instagram Should Not Be Ignored

Right off the cuff let me say that we understand that some people or businesses will not see the benefit of using certain social media platforms in their business. However, before you do eliminate it from your list of ‘must update regularly’ social media platforms, read what we have to say.

In this article, I can 100% persuade you to begin using Instagram for your business. Not because I want you to because I have nothing to gain from it personally, but just because I want to share with others what I have learned from the power of Instagram.

  1. You can read about the advertising power images have
  2. You will see how infographics can help your sales funnels
  3. You may even see the advantage to Instagram and branding

Most people seem to ignore Instagram and believe me I get it. I used to ignore it as well. Then one day someone asked me what my reasons were for ignoring the platform. They began with “Did you know there are over 1 billion people using this platform”. (See this website for Instagram stats).

I knew this of course but still did not see how Instagram could help my business. However, when you think about it, “1 billion people”, I should have already been thinking of a way that my business could utilize Instagram’s huge potential, which now I do!

Here are some reasons why:

  • It Does Have Advertising Power

Let’s give you an example of this. Insurance companies seem like an unlikely candidate to make use of what is effectively a picture sharing platform. Nonetheless, there are plenty of companies in this financial sector sending a picture of happy people holding posters or signs with the great insurance quote they just received be it a car, home, or medical insurance plan.

  • Infographics are Great For Advertising to Existing Customers

It was infographics that persuaded me the most to use Instagram in the end. As well as some help from a company that has experts on Instagram. (Check out their website).

They taught me the power of how infographics are great for up sales to clients that already know your brand. I also recognized this when the VPN company I subscribe to had an infographic on Instagram. It was telling me what the upgraded VPN package above the one I was currently subscribed to would do for me. To give you the answer – It would give me more bandwidth, so I could stream movies and sports from websites around the world! (How interesting I thought, and I upgraded).

You can see it solved a problem, want, or need (whatever you prefer to call it) that I did know I had.

Thank if you can do the same using your Instagram account. Some decent infographics circulated on your Instagram account can advertise to existing customers you already have and capture some new ones. Generally, infographics are not the perfect solution for capturing people’s attention that doesn’t know your brand.

If you think how many advertisement people are exposed to each day, and why would they stop and read an infographic from a brand they do not recognize. Admittedly, some people will, but the percentages are low, and this is not the idea behind using infographics on your Instagram.

The idea is that those who recognize your brand will see the infographic and take the time to see what it offers. Try it because it is a powerful marketing tool – especially if people already follow your Instagram account. Effectively Instagram becomes part of your sales funnel.

  • Instagram Versus Billboards Plus Brand Building

The power of pictures today is huge and let’s be honest always has been. We still see billboards and posters, so why not just take these gigantic posters and minify them into digital art and post them on yet another platform where people are likely to see them.

The companies that use billboard place them on the side of the road hoping to catch the eye of someone interested in their brand, product, or service. Surely the same concept should be used by utilizing an Instagram account. I mean that is the aim of a billboard, right? Well, the answer is yes, but that is not exactly the aim.

Billboards and posters are great for brand building. Wealthy companies like Coca-Cola will just pay thousands on a billboard when 99.9% of the world already knows about their product. However, the idea is they trigger something in your mind that says ‘I feel like a coca cola’ so you buy one.

With over a 1 billion on Instagram, there is bound to be a large user base in your geographical location. If you are part of a large corporate business that is not using Instagram, then persuade them to give it a try. Make it part of their sales funnel. Persuade them to research how many of their current customers using Twitter or Facebook are also using Instagram.

It should be part of every business’s sales funnel in my opinion, but that is just me. You may not see the benefits or results if you are a small business but believe me it is like Facebook. Sometimes you get no likes or clicks yet people are seeing you because you are getting impressions. This means your brand and logo is being exposed to people out there that may one day need your business to help them.

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