The Power Of Sleep

We all know we need it yet how many of us actually get the sleep we need? When you’re trying to keep up with your busy life and scrambling to meet the demands of your work life as well as family life, cutting back on sleep is often the only answer we think we have. We always think we can’t afford to spend so much time sleeping, but the reality is we can’t really afford not to.

Sleep Is Essential

You most probably know yourself, that even a bad night’s sleep can affect your mood, your energy and your ability to handle stress. Many of us feel like we need to sleep as little as possible and can’t afford to ‘waste’ time in bed. But sleep is just as important for a healthy and happy lifestyle as exercise and diet is. The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life. Sleep is essential for your emotional balance, productivity, mental sharpness, creativity and even your weight.

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps for less than seven hours a night. You may be sitting here thinking six or seven hours sleep is a pretty good night for you, but in reality it’s not enough!

Like most things, the amount of sleep we need will vary from person to person but the average adult needs between 7.5 hours and 9 hours sleep each night to be able to function at their best.

The younger we are the more sleep we need, with newborns needing 12-18 hours sleep a day, dropping to 14-15 hours between the age of 3 months and a year. Toddlers still need 12-14 hours of sleep with children aged between 5-12 years needing around 10 hours sleep.

How Much Sleep Do You Think You Need?

You may think that you can function just fine on your average six hours of sleep a night but there is a big difference in the amount of sleep you can get by on and the amount you actually need to function at optimum performance. You may get through the day on six or seven hours a sleep but spending an extra hour or two in bed might mean you can carry out your day much more productively.

Are You Sleep Deprived?

Sleep deprivation really can have a profound effect on your everyday life as well as the way you act and perform in your job and work life.

Here are just some of the affects you can suffer from when you’re sleep deprived:

• Fatigue and lack of motivation
• Feeling moody and irritable
• Unable to cope with stress and struggle to solve problems
• Lack of creativity
• Lack of immunity meaning you suffer from regular colds and infections
• Weight gain
• Struggle to make decisions
• Struggle to concentrate.

A Good Night’s Sleep… Every Night

You may think catching up on your lost sleep at the weekend will have you bouncing back in no time, a couple of good night’s sleep is great for you but it needs to be more regular than a few nights a week. You need to make sleep a priority; do you really need to watch that last program before you drift off to sleep? Do you need to put that last load of washing on or can it wait till the morning? It may sound childish but set yourself a bed time and stick to it! Having a bed time routine will set you on your way to a healthy sleep pattern night after night.

Another very important factor is your bed, it needs to be comfortable and support your body. Memory foam mattresses can be the ideal solution for many people as they mould to the contours of your body, keeping you supported as well as alleviating the need to toss and turn, giving you a less disturbed night’s sleep.

New Year – New Start

It’s the start of 2013 and time to make those resolutions, why not make this year the year you change your sleep pattern for the better and find out what you can achieve with the right amount of sleep!

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