The Pressure To Stay Perfect – Is It Time To Get Real And Stay Real?

As a modern woman, image is everything. The way you dress, your make up and how you carry yourself are scrutinised every day by people you don’t even know. We all make pre-judgements of other people, it’s human nature, however has this pre-judgement caused women to become more paranoid about their image?

Women all over the UK will consider plastic surgery at some point in their life, whether it’s a little nip and tuck or fixing that kink in your nose that you’ve never liked. Whatever it is, plastic surgery and other extreme beauty methods are now considered a normal part of life. Popular clinics across the UK have seen a year-on-year increase in the take up of services like this from women aged 18-25 and even those 50  who wish to change something about themselves.

Everyone in the media is portrayed as beautiful and perfect. Women such as the Kardashian sisters and their mother Kris Jenner are never seen without looking primped. There has been some speculation over who has had plastic surgery or other procedures; Kris and Kim have admitted to having Botox where the other sisters Kourtney and Khloe have sworn they are against it.

So do we emulate out celebrity wannabes? Do we really want to be perfect? Are we really that unhappy with ourselves that we need to take drastic measures to make ourselves feel better? Ladies, it’s time for a reality check!

Plastic surgery may seem like the perfect fix, however most women don’t realise that in some instances plastic surgery is temporary and the affects only last for a few years. This means that after going through the pain of one procedure you will have to go through it all again in the near future.

Realistically we need to accept our greatest enemy and our most powerful healer – time. Aging gracefully is slowly becoming the trend as some women are looking at slowing down the aging process rather than changing it. To do this creams and treatments might still be necessary but not to the extent as surgery.

If you think about yourself in comparison to a bottle of wine it’s often the case that the older the wine the better the flavour. It’s worth learning to embrace yourself, and accept that no one is perfect.
Remember, when people are looking at you making snap judgements keep in mind that you are fabulous on the outside as well as the inside.

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