The Pros And Cons Of Using Dreamweaver CS6

Even though Dreamweaver has been a leading web development application for a long time now, it is fair to say that this program has its respective pros and cons. Just because Dreamweaver seems to be the best at what it does, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is perfect in every way. Many people who have been using Dreamweaver have reported some not so great things about this program, and these cons go hand in hand with the many pros and benefits that come from using Dreamweaver, especially Dreamweaver CS6. Therefore, we will here talk about both the pros and cons of using Dreamweaver CS6.

The Pros of Using Dreamweaver CS6
Here are some of the best things about working with Dreamweaver CS6:

  • Highlighting mistakes Dreamweaver is very good for beginners in coding, as it highlights the mistakes you have made in your code. It makes a difference between HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and so forth. Thanks to this, you can easily learn from your rookie mistakes.
  • Code suggestions Another benefit of using Dreamweaver is the fact that this program is quick to help you when working on your code. Namely, it will give you suggestions based on the letters you start typing, so for typing ‘s’ you will get ‘src=’ as a practical suggestion.
  • The find and replace option This will let you save a lot of your time, as you can use this option to find and replace any text on the entire website, not just on individual pages. So, when you need to change or modify the name of the company for example, you can do it without much work.
  • Tabs – The whole CS series has brought about many changes, and the use of tabs is one of the most exciting changes introduced. Namely, you can easily edit multiple files and run through them quickly by using tabs.

The Cons of Using Dreamweaver CS6

Aside from the advantages of using Dreamweaver CS6, there are also some things that beg for improvement:

  • The interface – If you look at the front three tires in Dreamweaver, you will see that there are simply too many options to choose from and understand. For a beginner as well as for people who are using other complex programs such as Photoshop for instance, this can often be overwhelming.
  • The learning curve – If you haven’t used Dreamweaver before, mastering Dreamweaver CS6 will prove to be quite a challenge. There are simply too many things to wrap your head around when you first turn on DW, and taking a Dreamweaver CS6 tutorial is a great idea here.
  • The WYSIWYG option – Even though designed to be helpful, the WYSIWYG option in Dreamweaver can often be misleading, so do not rely on it completely. The addition Live View is a breath of fresh air, but it is still better to look at your changes in your browser.

All in all, Dreamweaver CS6 is definitely the best choice to make when it comes to web development tools. Paired with Photoshop CS6, these two programs will help you do everything you can think of.

William offers both online and offline Dreamweaver CS6 training sessions for businesses and individual clients. In his spare time he likes to do landscaping and works with a local NGO as well.

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