The Requirements For CISSP / CEH / CHFI Certifications

Professional IT security certifications are some of the most demanded certifications that employers look for during recruitment. The major reason for this increased importance of these certifications is the increase in security threats that not only damage the information systems of companies but also cause heavy financial losses.

For individuals, three of the top IT security certifications in today’s world are the CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) certification, the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification and the CHFI (Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator) certification.

For those IT professionals who are looking to advance their career and stand out in the eyes of employers, these three certifications can be extremely beneficial. For those who want to pursue any one of these certifications, here is a comprehensive review of the eligibility criteria for each of them:

The Eligibility Requirements for CISSP Certification

In order to pursue CISSP certification, you are required to have 5 years of experience, working in two or more of the domains mentioned in the Common Body of Knowledge for the certification in the field of information security.

One year’s worth of experience can be wavered off if you have a four year Bachelor’s degree. Then, you will be required to pass the examination for the certification with a score of 700 or more. In order to continue your credential, you are also required to earn 120 credits within three years.

The Eligibility Requirements for CEH Certification

To be a certified CEH professional, you are first required to attend a training session provided by EC-Council. The easy way is to go to the classroom-based trainings although there is a self-study option available too. If you go for the self study option, you will be required to have two years of work experience in the field of information security.

In case you lack the experience, you can still send an application for consideration on the basis of your educational background. After the training is completed you will be required to clear the test for the certification with a 70% score. In order to continue your credential, you will also be required to achieve 120 credits in 3 years of getting the certification.

The Eligibility Requirements for CHFI Certification

To become a CHFI certified professional, you need to pass the exam offered by EC-Council. The Council also offers a training program which you can avail either through classroom training or through getting coursework for self study.

This training in not essential for those who want to appear in the exam, however, it is much more recommended that you go through the training if you wish to get through the examination flawlessly. In order to continue your credential, you will also be required to submit 120 credits within 3 years.

Tom  Zaffir is a network security consultant and author of articles related to network and PC security. He also  assists in CISSP, CEH Security courses.

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