The Right Golf Grip Can Improve Your Game

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Professional golfers are among the highest paid athletes and the sport has introduced us to some very well-known names, such as Tiger Woods.

Many business meetings have taken place on the green and expensive deals clinched. To this end, golf has been recognised as more of a civilised sport and is enjoyed by many types of people (as long as they wear a collar). However, improving your game has become an endless pursuit for many individuals and a large amount of money is spent each year on new golf clubs, shoes and other golf equipment as people seek to improve their game. One undervalued item that could improve your game is the grip you use and how you hold the club.

Some golfers use the grip almost as a fashion accessory, such as by purchasing gold grips so that their club stands out. This can actually work a little, as it can intimidate the competition before they even hit the ball, but the fundamental purpose is of course to keep hold of your club during (and after) a swing.

Golf grips are usually made from one of the following three materials: cord, rubber or synthetic materials.

Cord Grips create a very firm grip but can also hurt your hands after a short time, especially if it starts to rain as this will create a lot of friction between the hand and the golf club, so if you have long day ahead, then it will affect how you perform. This type of grip is normally used by players who suffer from sweaty hands.

Synthetic grips are good for your general golfer. They are designed to be less hard on the hands than a cord grip, but still allow you to maintain a good grip throughout. However, the problems come when cleaning them or when they are used excessively. The top layer is soon rubbed away, which then causes the grip to be affected and the club to begin to slip, which is no good during an important game. If you only play every now and again and want to keep a good, strong grip then a synthetic golf grip is for you.

Rubber grips tend to be the choice of the more advanced golfer. They have a reasonable grip and are not affected by excessive use because when the top layer goes, it doesn’t matter.

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