The Right Wine Makes Special Occasions Even Better

Let’s be honest, people love drinking wine, and here in the United States, we have become the largest single consumer of wine around the globe. Yet, there is a certain wine anxiety with many people. A lot of us are afraid to order this wine with that food and that topping or sauce or kind of nut, and so on. Drinking wine shouldn’t be a chore. There is an easier way.

Champagne Tastes Yummy with Salty Foods
Champagne has long been consumed as the perfect choice for celebrations of many kinds. There is something elegant and sophisticated about the tiny bubbles and the pop of the cork!

Champagne, the dry sparkling wine, is also really delicious when there are salty foods around at parties. You can’t go wrong- the two go hand-in-hand.

Cabernet Sauvignon Means Red with Red
Cabernet is admired for its complexity and depth. All you need to know is that when this very fine red wine is paired with succulent red meats like steaks and chops, it’s a match made in food heaven.

So, when you find yourself at a fancy steakhouse for an equally fancy affair, confidently choose the cabernet sauvignon. Let the wine’s tannins bathe your palette after each tasty bite of meat.

Rise Up with a Riesling for Exotic Dishes
If you’ve got a hot date at a restaurant or Houston wine bar, and there are some spicy apps on your menu, reach for a Riesling. The subtle sweetness of many Rieslings offers a lovely balance to the tanginess and spiciness of Indian and Asian dishes.

It’s Really Rose for Cheese Lovers in Love
If cheese is going to be the highlight of your event, break out the dry rose. This classic wine will pair up with many cheeses, including, feta, gouda, muenster, parmesan, and goat cheese. Rose is quite versatile with a variety of other foods, too, such as pork, ham and chicken.

Get Away with the Chardonnay for Seafood Delight
Maybe you’re invited to a yacht party with a seafood buffet. Don’t be surprised to see plenty of bottles of chardonnay waiting to wet your palette. This silky white flavor teams up beautifully with lobster, clam, shrimp, sea bass, oysters, and any fatty fish dunked in a rich, full sauce.

Wine makes any event special. The versatile wines on our list take the guesswork out of the picture. The best advice is to relax at a wine bar, enjoy this elegant beverage, and don’t be afraid to make a wine faux pas.

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