The Rise And Fall Of Facebook: The Future Of Social Media

The Beginnings

While attending Harvard, sophomore Mark Zuckerberg, created the predecessor to Facebook a website called Facemash. This was a website in which rated the looks of girls in the university, but his ideas soon evolved into much more. Though this website was shut-down, it caught the attention of the Winklevoss twins who had an idea. They called upon Zuckerberg to help create them a website that would entitle people having profiles and becoming friends with others. Though Zuckerberg said he was working with them, he secretly created Facebook off of their idea and they never heard from him again. In 2004 Zuckerberg launched Facebook and internet social media has never been the same.

The Rise

Since it’s rise in 2004 Facebook’s 1 million users has grown to an staggering 900 million users in 2012. Facebook’s popularity has risen exponentially through the past eight years and has played a huge role in society. Becoming the top social networking site in 2009, Facebook’s impacted the daily lives of each user and connecting them with other friends and family through the site. Updates in real time of all events and gatherings Facebook was truly an amazing feat that changed the world. You can even see it’s impact in businesses and even politics. Creating a page for you business can improve traffic to your site or business greatly. And in the event of politics, politician can create pages to connect more with the voters and show stances on issues not available in a possible debate. It’s global impact is also large as well as the United States company has reached foreign nations is huge numbers. In Brazil there are 38 million users which is 76 percent active reach and in Italy there are 21 million users with a 70 percent active reach. These numbers only further prove Facebook’s domination of the world-wide web and social networking sites around the world. Facebook was and still is somewhat on top of the world, but new shocking evidence is starting to prove otherwise.

The Fall

Though it really hasn’t fallen yet, let’s face it. Facebook has lost it’s spark. People are constantly looking for the next big thing and I believe Facebook to have run it’s course. Facebook is on the decline and can even be seen through it’s recent availability to the public of its stock. Once opened, the stock’s price stayed the same and didn’t go up much at all. The embarrassment on opening day proves that nobody believes Facebook is a good investment anymore. The stock which is at a low price is not attracting many shareholders to partake in the Facebook experience. It’s hard to say, but Facebook, just like Myspace will die out. Nothing lasts forever and with today’s age of people wanting new and newer items and products, Facebook is nothing but another old worn out commodity.

By: JR Solis – SEO Outreach and Social Media Consultant at, an Orlando SEO Service Agency.

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