The Risks Of Forum Posting With SEO Agencies

Companies are constantly looking for new link building opportunities, but many are still clinging onto some of the old. Earning backlinks through forum posting is a tactic that has been around for quite some time, but this strategy is getting more and more complicated. Because of all the Panda and Penguin changes, it can be a bit risky to use forums as a link-building tool. It is still possible, but it is important to be very careful. This makes hiring an SEO for forum posting a slippery slope for most businesses, bringing about the inevitable question: If SEOs shouldn’t do it, who should?

Top Dangers of Hiring an SEO for Forum Posting

Hiring someone to earn forum links for your company is dangerous because forum posting correctly is difficult, and forum posting incorrectly is easy. Unfortunately, many people want to take the easy way out and will do so in order to earn your extra cash, even if it’s at the expense of your company.

Posing a very quick, irrelevant comment in a forum with a link back to your company can cause you a three serious problems:

  • Angry Users. It is quite obvious when someone comes to a forum for nothing but a link back, and people will say something. They will often write a comment in the forum talking about how inappropriate it is to post an irrelevant link, and this can be embarrassing (point made by the users).
  • Bad Reputation. Your company name and link are obviously on display when you go through forum posting. If people are not happy with your comment, it’s clear who you are and could cost you future customers.
  • Kicked Out. Forums are onto SEOs who post irrelevant comments for a back link, so more and more are beginning to delete these comments altogether. This means that your company will be spending time and money on absolutely nothing. To make matters worse, the comments may not be taken down until after you’ve paid your SEO and it’s just too late.

Because forum posting is tricky, it is recommended you try link building through guest posting opportunities and other avenues. However, forum posting can be successful if done correctly.

How to Post in Forums Correctly

The reason that link building through forums can be so great is because people are there looking for answers. Someone visits a forum because he/she has a question, so how great would it be if your company had the answer and a link for that person to click? You’re getting the exact type of customer you long for when you optimize for Google organic search, but it’s easier and faster.

Avoiding the problems discussed above takes extra time that many SEOs don’t both with, but it is possible to make it happen. There are really three steps you should follow:

Visit the forum à Post general, helpful comments (no link) in order to establish yourself as trustworthy à Only post a link back to your site that is completely relevant after having explained the link.

Do you have a story of forum posting gone wrong? Are you a forum user with some tips for those looking for backlinks and new customers? Let us know your story in the comments below.

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