The Rules Of Fitness Are Changing In 2013

Fitness has today become such an important part of everyone’s lives that every cookbook is beginning to focus on healthy food. All the magazines and newspapers are carrying articles with special focus on health and fitness, and the number of fitness gurus all over the country is also increasing rapidly. This is not only due to the fact that fitness is an important aspect of an individual’s life, it is also due to the fact that it has become a very thriving business. From childhood till old age, there is now a much greater emphasis on eating healthy and on being fit.

However, there has been a sea-change in the processes and the systems being followed. The attitudinal change came a few years ago – when the rising crescendo about how important it was to change eating and spending habits became a part of our lives. The process of taking this new resolve to fruition took a little longer, and the results have become evident only in the last decade or so.

Today the rules of fitness have changed tremendously. As we move into the New Year, it is becoming clearer that these rules are adapting themselves to the new social habitats and attitudes.

Shorter Sessions
Time is in short supply these days. The gym sessions have to become shorter and more effective in less time. The many machines, the emphasis on working out every part of the body is no longer possible. You have to distribute your fitness routines through the day by doing varied things, such as climbing stairs where possible, walking whenever there is short distance to be covered, doing squats after sitting on a desk for a long time.

Eating Healthy
Food habits have changed not only in homes, but also in restaurants and fast food joints. There are always options for healthy menu items, and the number of people opting for them is steadily growing. This fitness rule has been there for some time now, but it has moved to the forefront only recently.

No Age Barriers
Fitness is the mantra for everyone now, no matter how old they are. Even the older generation is beginning to enthusiastically work towards remaining fit for as long as they can. They walk, they exercise and they eat healthy – something that they may not have done during their youth – when there was not so much stress on doing so!

Easy-to-access Tools
The web has an abundance of tools to help remain fit, and these are helping people follow their own schedules and systems. Even if they are not able to join a gym, they can follow exercises online or on the Internet. If they want to cook healthy or follow a diet towards fitness, all the information is easily available on the Internet.

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