The Steps To Take To Become Salesforce Developer

If you have taken an interest in Salesforce and are looking at becoming a developer for the CRM system, then you will want to know the pathways out there for you to choose from.

This blog outlines the typical methods out there to help you get well on the way to becoming a qualified developer.

What Does A Salesforce Developer Do?

As a Salesforce developer it will be your responsibility to develop cloud applications through the firm’s website amongst other sites.

Salesforce developers typically need to have a good knowledge of a wide variety of topics including sharing rules, report types and work flow, amongst other important knowledge areas.

If you are unsure what getting qualified for the role will involve, then typically you’ll be encouraged to take the Building Applications course first of all.

This will enable those taking it to build a solid foundation in regards to their understanding of the ins and outs of the package, and a knowledge that ensures you know the right tools for each job.

You’ll then need to do the online course Analytics as a Service to learn about the reporting side if things.

Of course there are alternatives out there to help you prepare aside from Saleforce’s own site, but ultimately to receive your qualification, you will have to take an exam with them.

To get the qualification you have to pass a multiple choice exam either at a testing centre or in an online proctored environment.

The exam has 60 multiple choice questions and a pass grade of 60% you will have 90 minutes to do it.

Becoming A Certified Advanced Developer

At this stage you will become a certified developer, however there are a few differences between being a Salesforce developer and a Salesforce advanced developer – if you wish to take things to the next level.

If you want to train to reach that higher role you will have to take courses involving code and page controllers to get to grips with the programming language involved, whilst also expanding your SaaS apps and creating some new ones as well.

Finally, you will need to take a managing development course.

This will help you get to grips with the tools and best practices in relation to app management in the cloud itself.

If you decide that all of that seems a little too much, then you can opt for the general Salesforce developer role by simply taking the building apps and analytics course I outlined earlier.

You can find out plenty of information in regards to Salesforce courses on the firm’s website.

Why Go For A Qualification?

By gaining a qualification you are showing potential employers out there that you are capable of utilising the platform adequately.

Once you go down the route of becoming a Salesforce developer, there are a number of websites available for you to browse through possible job offers.

Therefore, once you make the commitment to undertake the training you will soon be able to reap the rewards – especially as Salesforce developers are often in high demand within the industry.

Louisa Jenkins is a crm expert who offers advice to people wishing to become a Salesforce developer. She offers advice on the different options available, and what the developer is expected to do in their role.

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