The Surging Popularity Of Garden Gnomes

Over the past few years, perhaps due to the widespread appeal and great marketing of the Travelocity gnome, yard gnomes have skyrocketed in popularity. Adorable garden gnomes belong to the same niche occupied by pink lawn flamingos and brightly colored, gawdy animal statues that are sold in every garden center across America.

The very first garden gnomes originated in Germany way back in the early 1800s when it was thought that these terra-cotte statues brought good luck to gardens and farmsteads. Some people actually believed that these little creatures help to deter theft and “bad crops” from their gardens and plots of land. With time, yard gnomes began appearing on the very well manicured lawns of wealthy German estates.

Yard gnomes become popular in the US during the 1960s when they began to be mass-produced right along with pink flamingos. But the odd thing is that garden gnomes were not nor are they today considered “tacky” garden décor which is a term often associated with plastic flamingos. Today you can find gnomes wearing all types of outfits in a variety of poses as these whimsical characters have made their way into the hearts of homeowners all across the United States and beyond.

It was when the motion picture Gnomeo & Juliet hit the silver screen in 2011 that the sale of gnomes around the world surged to an all-time high. The movie grossed just under $100 million dollars in the US alone, proving that people do have a fascination and love for gnomes and that the tale of forbidden love between a pair of garden gnomes from rival factions was a great topic for an animated film. That movie and the charming allure of Travelocity’s traveling gnome is what prompted millions of homeowners to go out and purchase yard gnomes of their own to add some appeal to their yards, gardens, decks and patios. Today, one can very easily find a garden center online that has hundreds of gnomes available in every size, shape and color under the sun.

It appears that yard gnomes won’t fall out of fashion anytime soon. If your outdoor space could use some enhancement, adopt a garden gnome of your very own that you can make a home for under your bushes, on your porch or in your flower bed. Outdoor gnomes also make perfect gifts for anyone who has an outdoor space be it a tiny balcony or an expansive estate.

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