The Surprising Advantages of Frozen Fruit

When you are in the supermarket searching for fruits, which would you prefer – frozen, or fresh? It would be completely understandable to choose the latter every single time because the former has developed something of a negative stigma. Frozen fruits are always viewed in a negative light, whereas fresh fruits are known to keep all of the benefits. Unfortunately, that is not at all the case. You would actually stand to gain more health benefits in the freezer section than anywhere else when it comes to fruits.

There is a reason why IQF fruit suppliers UK companies use are so popular. The reason is that not only are frozen fruits not nearly as bad as people make them out to be, but they are even better. Here are just a few of the surprising advantage of frozen fruit that will hopefully convince you to give them a try the next time you are in the market for fruits.

Nothing else is added

Unfortunately, to keep non-frozen fruits fresh, certain additives are mixed in to ensure that they last longer. When fruits are frozen, they do not need any additives at all as they are kept utterly intact until they are thawed. What it means is that without the additives, you only have one ingredient – which is the fruit itself. You would be surprised just how much additives can change the makeup of fruit and remove its benefits. Frozen fruit, on the other hand, will keep its freshness because it does not need additives.

Frozen fruits are completely nutritious

One of the most unfortunate things about the negative stigma of frozen fruit is the claim that they are not as nutritious as fresh fruits in the market. When it comes to freshly picked fruits, it will not get more nutritious than that. However, when it comes to so-called fresh fruit in the market, you can bet that much of its nutritional benefit has already diminished. It is mainly because the moment fruit is picked, it will begin to lose nutrients. The advantage of frozen fruit is that the freezing process is done very soon after picking – which means it loses very few nutrients.

They are overall much more useful than fresh fruit from the store

Would you happen to need a few pieces of frozen fruit for a smoothie? Perhaps you might want the fruit to last for longer in your freezer without losing out on any more nutrients? Frozen fruits are more than capable of getting the job done, whereas the non-frozen variant has more limited uses, whether in the kitchen or otherwise. Whether you intend to use them for different recipes, or merely want to keep them for longer, frozen fruit is the ideal choice.

It is strange that frozen fruit gets such negative press, especially considering it is often the healthier alternative. Hopefully, the next time you visit the supermarket looking for fruit, you will have a look at the frozen section first before anything else!

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