The Top 3 Creative Ways To Draw Attention To Your Store

A display case that is filled with merchandise is an attractive asset as it is. We know that you can add lights and mirrors to make your merchandise look as good as possible, but here are some ways to pump up interest and curiosity among customers even more. These are in no particular order as far as what technique is better, it primarily depends on the products you are selling and who is buying them.

1.     Make your Jewelry display leave your customers drooling.
Because of the small size and large demand and not to mention price tag, Jewelry is some of the most commonly displayed merchandise in showcases. Sometimes the jewelry can be absolutely stunning, but it is displayed in a way that leaves it flat and undesirable. Here are a few tips on how to make it stand out.
Antique and estate jewelry may not be the most desirable commodities for some, but boosting the display could make it stand out to someone who may have walked past without a second glance. Give this a context and see the value incline exponentially before your eyes. This is what I mean; it could be as simple as finding an antique frame and sepia tone photo of a grandparent to drape an antique necklace around. This will suggest a story to a potential buyer even if the jewelry has nothing to do with the person in the photo. Knowing (or thinking they know) a back story makes an item seem more valuable. If this seems too literal for you give it a modern twist, take the same antique frame, paint it a bright eye catching color and ditch the photo leaving all of the attention on the jewelry.

2.     So you are going to be Selling at a Craft Show?
Have you ever been to a craft show and found yourself walking past booths without looking around? Take a second to think about why you were not attracted to that booth. It may have been because that particular booth was not selling what you were looking for, but it could have been that the display was just too boring.
Signage is always an important part of any business. You want to create interest that starts from the isle or the street, and guide them you your display. Merchandise should be displayed in an attractive fashion inside of the case; including interesting colors and materials is an easy way to accomplish this.

3.     Make Antiques and Collectable Coins Sell Themselves.
Some antique shops are a lot like craft shows in a way. Each seller has an area where they set up their merchandise that they wish to sell in an attractive what you catch the attention of possible buyers. The main difference here is that most of the time the seller is not there to talk about the merchandise. Some of the more obvious yet still interesting items do not need to be explained.  However if you have smaller, rare items or coins that the potential buyer cannot pick up and investigate it’s good to give them some information about it. Give the person some interesting facts, or the story behind that particular item or coin. Doing your research before trying to sell will only help you. It’s good to know what you have and what it’s worth.

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