The Top 5 Dishes To Try When You Travel To Thailand

Its hundreds of islands offer everything from Lunar Parties to a total Robinson Crusoe experience. Nestling in the hills are plenty of monasteries and temples for those who don’t mind a bit of a walk and the cities are vibrant and full of life. If you are planning to travel to Thailand for the first time you may be a little overwhelmed at the sheer choice of food that is available, but don’t let it put you off. Thailand is a favorite with foodies the world over because as with everything, the Thais do it really well. Here is a list of the top 5 dishes that you really must try if you travel to Thailand.

Panang Curry – When you travel to Thailand you will notice that there are lots of curry dishes available with varying strengths. The Panang curry is certainly one of the first that you should try though. Made with lemon grass, coriander, chili, cumin and coconut milk, the smell as it is brought to your table will really get your taste buds going. The main meat of the dish is normally beef, but many restaurants will offer alternatives and also vegetarian options.

Pad Thai – As this is one of its national dishes, if you plan to travel to Thailand then you really must try this. Made from rice noodles, vegetables, egg, sauces and different meats or tofu the cook stir fries each portion freshly when ordered. The best thing about this dish though is that the quality and taste is amazing whether you order it at a high class restaurant or from a street vendor in one of the cities.

Tom Yum Soup – As many adverts state “its all in the name” and this is so true with this yummy soup. The main ingredients in Tom Yum soup are lemon grass, lime leaves, chili, galangal and it is made with a choice of fish or chicken. The combination of hot and sour flavors and the fact that it does not have any coconut milk included make this a light and refreshing dish that can be enjoyed at any time.

Fresh Spring Rolls – When you think of a spring roll you will probably conjure up the image of a deep fried pastry containing vegetable, bamboo shoots and meat. Travel to Thailand and try the fresh version for a real treat. Fresh vegetables are finely chopped and mixed with herbs and a choice of fish or meat. They are then wrapped in a sheet of rice paper and served with a sweet and spicy sauce that is perfect for dipping. Fresh spring rolls are again fantastic whether you purchase them from a street vendor or a fancy restaurant; simply mouthwatering.

 Sticky Mango Rice – It’s time for desert and one that you really must try is the sticky mango rice. Short grain rice is cooked in coconut milk and served with fresh juicy mango slices and then drizzled with a little more coconut milk to create something really individual and a taste sensation. Don’t worry if you do not really have a sweet tooth, this is not overpowering and believe me you will be ordering this wherever you go after trying it once.

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A cultural travel to Thailand (Interesting is that the Danish term is kultur rejser til Thailand) may be just the thing you need to make your vacation relaxing and enjoyable.

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