The Top Brands of Cranes Used in the Construction Industry

Construction equipment continues to be in demand around the world as new infrastructure continues to shape many cities and urban areas in developed and developing countries. These pieces of equipment are built to withstand rugged working conditions and are typically equipped with parts of the highest fabrication standards. Equipment rental companies like buy cranes from the following top ten crane manufacturers around the world.

Komatsu Japan

This Japan-based company operates in multiple countries supplying equipment used for mining, construction, and military applications. Aside from heavy machinery, they also manufacture machines used for industrial processing such as generators. The company was established back in 1921 and currently ranks as the second largest company making construction equipment.


Caterpillar is an American company that specialises in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling machines and other engineering equipment. They are a leading manufacturer of equipment used in various construction and mining sites across the United States and around the world.


Hitachi is another Japan-based company manufacturing first-class equipment used for a wide range of tasks, including the construction industry. Their range of machines is capable of handling light and heavy tasks such as excavating, loading, crushing, and cutting. Their range of clients includes small scale contractors, equipment rental companies, and large mining companies.


This company’s headquarters are in Switzerland. Liebherr is a German company composed of several divisions – mobile cranes, tower cranes, mining, transportation systems, consumer appliances, and machines. Liebherr currently holds the record of having the world’s tallest and most powerful crane. Their range of equipment also includes excavators of various sizes, dumper trucks, tractors, and loaders.


Sany currently ranks as the sixth largest manufacturer of heavy equipment in the world. It also operates multi-nationally but has its headquarters in China.


Zoomlion is another Chinese company on this list, and they produce sanitation equipment apart from standard machinery used in construction. They are China’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment. A decade ago, they acquired CIFA, a European heavy equipment company which furthered their reputation in the field of construction equipment manufacturing.


This American company also manufactures and supplies a variety of solutions for diverse industrial applications including construction, mining, shipping, energy, and energy production. Their primary products are cranes, machines for handling and transporting materials, construction platforms, and material processing machines.

John Deere

The last American company in this list is John Deere. They manufacture a wide range of agricultural machines as well as machines used in cutting down and processing lumber. They specialise in equipment used for construction, as well as small-scale items such as lawnmowers.

Doosan Infracore

This is the only South Korean company included in the list of top manufacturers of cranes and other construction equipment. They are an up and coming enterprise currently making a mark in manufacturing with a high-quality range of construction machines and equipment. They can compete with other well-known companies with decades of experience in the field by providing a diverse selection of multi-function machines suitable for even the harshest working conditions.


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