The Unbelievable Happened

Our teens were attending a birthday party and were out late. My husband and I headed to bed. We live in the Midwest in a safe neighborhood so it might seem like there is nothing to worry about but listen to what happened next.

The Unexpected
Suddenly, it seemed like we heard a bomb explosion. We saw a shadow – a figure of a man that was running away from our house. We couldnt get the door to our master bath to open. How scary and strange it was. The main bath looked like a bomb hit it. We heard water running and my husband hurried to shut off the main water valve.

The Problem
We discovered the source of the problem. It was coming from the outside. Someone had rammed a large van into the house, taking out the whole mid-section that included both bathrooms. I called 911. The next few hours were exhausting. The kids returned home to find a mess. In the middle of the night we had to find hotel accommodations at a time of the year when most hotels were filled.

Break-in Protection
I’ve learned a lot since that night. I’ve learned that home security doesn’t simply protect a home from break-ins. Today’s home security systems, such as Front Point, protect a home in many different ways and break-in protection is only one of those ways.

Home Security
While everything worked out in the aftermath, we were not able to return home until the bathrooms were renovated. When I look back, I’m glad things worked out, but things might have turned out differently had we used a home security service such as Front Point Security Reviews.

Carbon Monoxide
Front Point security offers door, garage and window sensors, along with security cameras and other security equipment to protect your home from human invasion. However, Front Point protects your home from other invaders as well. They provide carbon monoxide sensors to protect families from silent, deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. There are alerts when levels get too high.

Protection Against Fire
Front Point protects against fire with heat and smoke sensors. They will alert the authorities of a problem. Sometimes when disaster strikes a home, those inside may not be able to call for assistance. Front Point makes sure the police, firemen or whoever should be notified of a problem is notified. Front Point protects as it secures the premises.

Had the van aimed more to the left, the roof might have come down on us and we might have been trapped and unable to call for help. Front Point would have made that call for us and saved our lives.

This article is brought to you by Mary Jane Smith, who has experienced this incident first hand and wanted to share the importance of protecting your home and your lives.

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