The Various Types Of Holiday Accommodation Explained

Holiday lodging/accommodation describes various establishments which offer hospitality services while you’re away from home – particularly during a holiday stay. A place to lodge, sleep and rest is amongst the most basic requirements of any traveller. This basic lodging requirement is typically provided by hotels, motels, pack-packers or hostels. Additionally, private homes also offer accommodation types like bed-&-breakfasts, guest houses, holiday rentals etc. -Or can be in a tent or caravan at a campsite.

Generally, accommodation is available from particular establishments with numerous staff members, which attend to the needs of the holidaymakers. However, there are also lodging businesses that only offer their facilities to vacationers who prefer self-catering accommodation types.

When it comes to reserving holiday accommodation, there are many different options available, and it’s assumed by the travel industry that you know what they all entail. If you are not sure what’s right for you, or whether the option you chose is going to be adequate – here are some information below to help you determine what’s right for you. Holidaymakers can choose from various types of accommodations, which offer various degrees of services.

The most expensive option available is the Full-Board Accommodation option. In addition to a place to lodge, all meals are included in the package deal. In some cases, eating-time and the type of dishes are limited to what the package offers. This can be a disadvantage, particularly if the holidaymaker prefers his own choice of time and place to dine. In simple terms – A full board accommodation package ties the holidaymaker to the hotel, whether the food tastes good or not.

All-inclusive accommodation packages refer to a type of lodging that is popular with packaged holidays to well-known destinations. Hotel rooms or apartments are typically the place to stay when one choses this type of accommodation package. The terms and conditions differ from one package to another, but the food is generally also free of charge. These kinds of accommodation services are ideal for travellers on a budget. Similar to a Full board accommodation package, if you find the offered menus unpleasant, you might end-up spending more than what he projected, since you will be paying for the meals you DO want to eat.

A Half-Board Accommodation generally includes breakfast and dinner. Lunch is not included in the package and therefore the holidaymaker must provide lunch for himself. This accommodation package is particularly suited for travellers who want to sightsee during the day, thus eating lunch wherever they are exploring. With this option, the travellers aren’t completely tied to the hotel.

At Bed-&-breakfast lodging, the holidaymaker has a room for the night and a quick breakfast in the morning. This type of lodging is ideal for a quick stop-over during one’s travels.

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