The Wonders Of Christian Gifts

Since time immemorial, people have come up with many explanations as to how the human race came to existence. Some believe in Charles Darwin`s theory of evolution while others believe in the Big Bang Theory. No matter what we all believe, we all seem to agree on one thing that we all have a special purpose for being in existence today.

Growing up in a medium sized family in the remote areas of KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa, we were exposed to many religious views. We spent most of our weekends at home or visiting relatives in nearby areas. Never did we have a culture of visiting the different places of worship scattered all over South Africa. This somehow started bothering me in my late teen years as I had so many questions without any real answers. My inquisitive mind kept searching for answers.

The turning point
What initially started off as mere curiosity became a dire situation after the loss of both my parents. I moved to the city of Durban to stay with an aunt. Everything became hazy, I felt like what had been giving me direction in life, was gone. Depression and the feeling of great loss set in, I was at the brink of total breakdown. I just did not know where to turn to. Upon seeing my immense grief, my aunt brought me a parcel. Inside were a number of Christian gifts and two books namely “Lead Me Holy Spirit” and “The power of Praying” by Stormie Omartian.

The Christian gifts were very comforting and really beautiful to look at, but what I cannot comprehend up to this day is the transformation the books had on my life. Where I constantly felt pain and emptiness, comfort and feelings of hope took over. I also began praying as I went through the power of praying. These books also helped me to understand where I came from and my reason for living. From then on I learnt to trust in God, to watch and to pray. I also understood that in the midnight of sorrow and loss, God comforts his children.

Ever since this life changing experience, I just love Christian gifts. The beautiful mugs, bookmarkers, inspirational cards, pens, cute journals and a lot more, they are all too beautiful and a very significant reminder of what could have been. I enjoy showering my friends and family with these to remind them that God loves them. I could never be happier than I am today, moreover I discovered a CUM Bookstore near me where I buy all my gifts and books at an affordable price.

While at the verge of destruction, Len received Christian gifts which changed her life. By writing her stories she feels she will be able to help others who have been or are in the situation she was once in.

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