Themed Bedrooms For Kids On A Budget

Kid’s imaginations are amazing- with a little effort on your part something as simple as their bedroom can be transformed into a magical world. There are loads of ways to create a themed bedroom without breaking the bank, so we’ve put together some top tips on how to create the room of your child’s dreams on a manageable budget:

Deciding on a Theme

First off, ask your child about their dream-themes and try to fix on the one that has the most milage- you don’t want to have to redecorate in a year’s time because your child has outgrown the design. Once you have a theme in mind, it’s a good idea to make a mood-board with colours, design ideas, fabrics and furniture. This is a really fun way to plan innovative, low-cost design ideas; your child will enjoy being involved in the process, too.

Budget Materials

If themed wallpaper is a little out of budget, paints and stencils can be just as effective. Taking your child to the hardware store to choose paints or get colours specially mixed is also a fun activity, as well as getting the whole family on-board with painting the room. A variety of wall stencils are now available to buy online, so finding stencils to match your specific theme shouldn’t be a problem. Paint also has an advantage over wallpaper as it can be easily adapted when it is time for a theme change. Wall stickers are also perfect for creating a theme inexpensively, and are easy to remove when the time comes.

Soft Furnishing and Accessories

With themed bedrooms it’s often the little things that have the most impact. Once you’ve got your colour scheme in place, really go to town with the soft furnishings and accessories. Themed bedspreads, curtains and rugs are relatively inexpensive and can be combined with lightshades, wastebaskets and posters to create the room of your child’s dreams. Also consider hanging fabrics and themed fairy-lights to create the finishing touches.

Furniture and Storage

Furniture can be pretty expensive, so instead of forking out for new furniture that matches your theme, consider repainting existing furniture and purchasing themed handles and doorknobs to give them a makeover. Theme stencils or wall stickers can also be added to wardrobe and cupboard doors to customise existing pieces and make them appear new to your child.

With so many fun childrens rugs, stencils and soft furnishings out there you can turn your child’s bedroom into their dream world without it costing the earth. Are you creating a themed bedroom for your child in the coming months? Have you come up with any innovative ways of creating their theme? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Greg O’Hara is a freelance writer and blogger based in Leeds, UK. His work can be found on a number of websites and he enjoys writing on topics from interior design to lifestyle.

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