Thieves Make Off With Carpenter’s Power Tools

A frustrated carpenter is facing the new year with saddening financial worries, as thieves steal over 20 power tools from him.

Thieves Make Off With Carpenter’s Power Tools

The break-in

30-year-old Raymond Tuller, of Kingsmere in Thundersley, Essex, had over £6,000 worth of carpenter’s tools stolen from his work van during the Christmas break.

Mr. Tuller found boxes of tools which contained a chop saw, nail gun, saws, grinders, and drills, missing from his vehicle on 27th December, on his return from shopping.

Raymond Tuller attempted to dispose of his Christmas tree using the van at the Pitsea landfill site at 5:30 pm the previous day but later abandoned this plan, leaving his tool boxes in the van.

Unfortunately, Mr. Tuller is not alone as a victim of tool theft. Stolen tools cost tradespeople an estimated £94m last year.

Thieves Make Off With Carpenter’s Power Tools

Coping with the loss

Mr. Tuller continued his day as normal, dining with friends in Runwell at 1:00 pm before realizing that evening that his tools were missing.

Not only costing thousands of pounds to purchase, Mr. Tuller’s tools are vital for him to earn his living. After reporting the theft to police, he contacted an experienced security locksmith who concluded the van door was pried open using a jammer tool. These tools can be used by thieves to break locks without setting off the alarm.

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Mr. Tuller manages his own business, 3Gables Building Contractors, and has emphasized how much he will struggle at his job without the power tools he owned.

He also owned some of these tools for over a decade, and they had sentimental value that can never be replaced.

The financial burden of coping without his tools weighs heavily on his mind as he worries about affording his mortgage, bills and children’s expenses.

Mr. Tuller built the business, 3Gables, himself, and as his company gains momentum, to experience such misfortune will surely be a large blow to his company’s growth.

He is, however, hopeful for the future. He plans to take on smaller scale jobs until he is able to replace the tools stolen by the thieves.

Mr. Tuller is determined to not give up on his work and will persist with his business and ensure it thrives.