Things To Ask About Your Website Developer

Congratulations! You have learned the importance and benefits of a professionally designed website. You have made the right decision. Next on you platter is to hire the best website developer.

Before you evaluate the designer, look for a developer who has a good ear. You want a developer who understands your vision, understands his or her responsibilities and takes the time to become familiar with your specific needs. Listening and grasping details about your business is of utmost importance.

Here is a list of questions you should use to make a decision about the provider of choice.

  • Are they recommended by others? Ask for references and their URL’s. Your site is too important to be handled by inexperienced providers.
  • Does the provider have experience with the type of site you require? Again, ask for URL’s that resemble the vision they have recommended.
  • Ask to see a portfolio to look at actual websites they have developed.
  • Is the site developer using the newest techniques?
  • Does the provider have any certifications or industry achievements of note? Do research to see if the provider has a reputation in the industry.
  • Does the developer have clients with similar businesses?
  • What is their schedule for work in progress? Is time to be an issue?
  • Is the developer a full-service provider who includes support and maintenance after your site is up and running?
  • What is the provider’s policy regarding updates?
  • Does the provider offer custom pricing? Can the developer assemble a package just for your business? Or, do they have a one size fits all offering only? How flexible does the developer appear?
  • Can the developer express the visualization of the site and its multi-dimensional functions?
  • Did the provider offer ideas about your vision? Are they engaged in your project?

It is important that the buyer be comfortable with the developer. Expensive does not always mean better. In fact, hungry might represent a better value and a more loyal provider. This is a decision based on the buyer’s preference.

Understanding Website Development Pricing

In most cases, UK website developer pricing is determined by page count. There may be extra costs if the developer is providing the graphics. Extra fees could also be incurred if script installation is included. Also, clarify the designer‘s position on changes to the design.

The bottom line is that you just like the developer, like their work and resume. You are the client. Be sure to understand how prices are determined and factors that can cost increases. Presto! You are on the way to a new world of business!

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