Things To Consider When Purchasing A Fireplace

When choosing a fireplace the first thing to consider is the size of the room, as this can dictate not only the type and size of the fireplace but also the grate as well. If you are not going for a wood burning fire and opting for gas or electric version then the size of the room isn’t as much as a concern from a health perspective, but more about an energy saving perspective. You only need an electric or gas fire that warms the room at a sufficient speed without wasting energy you ultimately pay for.

If you like the look of wood burning fireplaces then you need not worry as there are a wide range of gas fireplaces available now that imitate the look and style of a traditional wood fireplace but are a lot safer to use. You not only get the alluring smell of the wood burning on a cold winter’s night they are a lot simpler to use and save a lot of time. Although using gas may cost more than wood the ease of use and the cleanliness of the gas fire will far outweigh these negatives.

For some people the central feature of the house is the fireplace and the chimney breast so it’s imperative that this looks spectacular. And there’s no argument that a strong, sturdy, solid looking cast iron fireplace looks great in either a grand manor house or humble abode. Cast iron makes a real statement in a room and has a real presence about it so will definitely last the test of time.

Alternatively, stone fireplaces also make for a grand appearance and certainly look sharp on the eye but can appear more modern looking so choosing a type generally comes down to the style and feel of your home.
Most types of gas fireplaces will give you a choice of artificial wood, coal or pebbles to go in the grate. And it’s important to make the right choice here depending on the style of your house. Pebbles can look very modern in a contemporary house, whereas coal looks great in a more traditional house and logs are generally suitable for either and can go with most contemporary modern and traditional house styles.

The type of fireplace you chose can also be determined by the type of chimney in your home so it’s always a good idea to get an expert’s opinion before settling on a particular design.

Janie McSherry shares her interest in cast fireplaces for the household.

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