Things To Do When Visiting North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is a place of real beauty and tranquillity with stunning rolling countryside and picturesque small villages. There are places within North Yorkshire that are also fantastic for shopping, dining out or just seeing something completely different. Below are some of the best North Yorkshire attractions ranked by the public on Trip Advisor.

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden

The fountains abbey and Studley royal water garden contains historic/ancient ruins, garden’s and mansions. This attraction is situated just 3 miles from Ripon and is known to visitors and tourists as one of the best and beautiful historical gardens in the whole of Europe. There is also a medieval dear park to see, a Victorian church and a Jacobean Hall. The Heritage site has been there since the 12th century, making this an ideal attraction for those with a love for history or those who are looking for a great family day out.

Log Heights – Harrogate

If you like adventure, fun or looking for a great way for corporate team building then Log Heights is perfect for you. This really is a great outdoor adventure attraction and is an activity that really is different and fulfilling. Regardless of how fit you are or aren’t there is something for everyone; swing from trees high up or take part in activities lower to the ground.

National Railway Museum – York

This is one of the best family days out that you will experience. The National Railway Museum is of free admission and really is both educating and great fun. There are railway rides for children to go on, outside play areas and many different types of trains to go and look at. There are craft activities, science shows and many other activities to take part in.

Eden Camp

Eden Camp is a tribute to all that fought and lost their lives as a result of the Second World War and to the many others that were orphaned and widowed because they had lost loved ones. Eden Camp is such a fitting tribute and goes to great length in detailing and researching different topics in order to provide people with an experience that really makes people think about the past. There are huts that represent different stories and also there are models of trucks that you can see, this really is a must see attraction for ALL of the family.

York Castle Museum

This is a large museum that recreates how the shops, streets and even prison cells used to be like. The Victorian streets and the real sense of living in those times have been created brilliantly and are great for people to see, just to get a peak at what life in the Victorian times used to look and be like.

As you can see a visit to North Yorkshire will not leave you short of things to do!

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