Things You Should Know Before Replacing Your Boiler

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home and you need to install a heating system or if you’ve decided it’s time to replace the boiler that’s been in your house since it was built, a lot of people think it’s a really expensive game, but it doesn’t have to be, it could actually save you money.

You shouldn’t need any form of planning permission when you install a new boiler because all of the work is internal. However, if you need to install a flue that will go outside your home, or if you live in a listed building you should adhere to any building regulations and restrictions that there may be on your property.

New boilers must adhere to the 2010 regulations that require all new boilers to be A rated (88% efficient) on the efficiency scale. The Energy Savings Trust aims to save people money on their energy bills and predicts that you could save up to £225 per year by having a new A rated boiler fitted.

The type of fuel that you use can also save you a lot of money on your heating bills; the majority of homes in the UK use gas to fuel their boiler systems but it generally depends on where you live and what fuel you use now.  Gas boilers are definitely the cheapest to run but an electric boiler may be recommended if you run off the gas mains; oil boilers are most definitely the most expensive and the price is ever increasing due to the fact that it’s classed as a ‘dirty fuel’. Oil boilers though only tend to be used by people in truly isolated rural areas who have no access to gas mains.

The new boiler regulations also mean new boiler control regulations and now, if you have a new boiler you also have to replace the boiler controls to a programmable room thermostat. This means that the system must be programmable in order to set the heating to come on and go off at certain times of day to a certain temperature. It also controls the temperature of your hot water and makes sure it’s safe at, at least 60 degrees.

Boiler servicing is also essential if you want to ensure it has a long life. Your boiler should be serviced at least once a year by a professional. These regular checks will seek out any faults before they get too serious and they should be pretty easy to fix in the early stages. A boiler service is definitely worth the £50-£75 price tag when you consider how many people become ill or die each year because of faulty boilers leaking toxic gases like carbon monoxide.

Air source heat pumps are also an important part of any heating system, explains Chris Jenkins on behalf of

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