Thinking Of Moving House In The New Year? Christmas Could Be A Gift!

If you’re planning to move house early in the new year, Christmas may feel like an added stress, but there are a few reasons why moving just after Christmas could be a great idea!

Thinking Of Moving House In The New Year? Christmas Could Be A Gift!

  1. Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Christmas is a time when you, your friends and family will all have an abundance of cardboard boxes lying around, especially with the increase in the number of people doing their Christmas shopping online. How many times have you bought something online and received a huge cardboard box filled with lots of bubble wrap and protective packaging and found a ridiculously small item inside? Normally this might lead to a rant about wastage, but if you’re about to move the online retailer has just done you a huge favour! Children’s toys are notorious for the large boxes and protective packaging they arrive in, so if you have any children yourself, or any friends or family with children, make sure you get in there early and bag the boxes and bubble wrap before they make their way into the recycling bin. Come 26th December, discarded wrapping paper can also be used to pack fragile items or kitchen pieces and save you a fortune on packaging materials for the house move, so make sure you hold onto it!

  1. Declutter as you go…

Every adult dreads the yearly trek into the loft to retrieve the Christmas decorations – it’s a big job finding your way around the clutter stored up in the loft and ensuring you don’t forget anyone’s favourite decoration, but this year you could kill two birds with one stone and do some pre-move decluttering as you go. Open up the boxes one by one. If you think the contents of the box is worth keeping, check it’s securely packaged and put it to one side, if it’s not, just pass it down with the Christmas decorations and beat the post-Christmas rush by getting it to your local household recycling centre before 25th December.

  1. January sales

However prepared you are, and however kitted out your existing property is, there are always items you need to buy or DIY jobs you want to do when you move into a new property, so the January sales could save you a huge sum of money. Need a new kitchen or bathroom? It’s not unusual to find retailers offering as much as 50% off in January, which could save you thousands of pounds.

If you’re planning to move in the new year and have found the house of your dreams, but are struggling to find a buyer in a position to move quickly or the sale of your existing property has recently fallen through, you might want to consider using a cash home buyer who could buy your property in as little as 7 days.

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