This Year’s Best Used Sedans

These days a lot of people are working to replace their aging cars. That being said, it is not always easy to afford a brand spanking new car so instead many are opting for a good used car. However, buying a used car is never easy. How do you know you are getting a good deal and not a lemon? Doing your research beforehand can help you make a good decision. To that end we give you our list of 2012’s best used cars. Vehicles ratings are based on a combination of reliability, safety, value and availability.

Best Compact Sedan
The 2005-2010 used Hyundai Elantra makes our list for best compact sedan. Undergoing a complete redesign in 2001, the new Elantra is a major upgrade from the older model. It offers a smooth ride with a peppy performance. It also has solid quality, reliability and fuel economy. If you need more cargo space you can opt for the GT hatchback that also has standard leather seating, moonroof and sporty suspension. It also has great crash test scores.  In 2007 it underwent another redesign with an even higher fuel economy than its prior version. Other than that they are equal partners.

Best Midsized Sedan
Making our list of best midsized sedan is the 2005–20010 Nissan Altima. Always considered one of the top cars in its market the Altima underwent a redesign in 2002 that made it larger than before. The car itself has a fun to drive feel to it that other midsized cars often lack. It has a strong driving performance, especially if you go for the V6 upgrade. The 2007 redesign gave it an even more stylish interior that rivals some luxury cars with ultra-smooth operations and better fuel efficiency. It is also available in a nice hybrid option.

Best Large Sedan
Another used Hyundai makes this entry with the 2006-2010 Azera. It boasts an upscale look both inside and out and comes with a surprisingly high amount of features at its base package. Hyundai has become well known for their solid builds and excellent reliability and the Azera is no exception. It also has strong crash test ratings and offers a smooth, quiet ride that is relaxing to drive.  Another good point is that despite the great product they still aren’t as popular as Toyota’s or Nissan’s which gives you more bargaining leverage at the dealer.

Jeff Jordan writes in lives in Southern California. He writes about a wide range of automobiles. Out of all the cars on this list he prefers the used Hyundai Elantra.

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