Three Creative Home Exterior Design Ideas

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but what if you could change that? There is no reason for you to be left feeling unhappy with a boring, plain (or just plain ugly) landscaping design. The way in which your home’s yard is landscaped can make a significant impact on how you and others feel about your residence, and can increase curb value, amongst other benefits. Ultimately, what you spend in terms of landscaping costs and spiral staircase prices will pay you back tenfold. In order to get the most out of your landscaping this spring, here are three great ideas to consider.

1. Get Rocky
No matter what climate you live in, grass can be a touchy subject. If it’s not turning yellow or being matted down during the winter, it’s completely drying out or becoming patchy during the summer – it feels like you can’t win! Why not eliminate the time and money associated with laying down new sod, watering, and mowing your lawn? Many homes have already discovered the beauty and convenience of doing away with a traditional yard and landscaping with rocks. A great landscaper will help you to create a gorgeous rock garden with spacious patios for entertaining or enjoying a warm spring evening, creating layers and dimensions with some, and evening building a magnificent rock staircase to your door.

2. Energy Savings
Did you know that your landscaping can actually save you money on your energy bill? If you’re thinking about hiring a landscaper this spring, look for one who can provide you with an energy audit and savings solutions. Strategically placed trees and shrubs can keep your home shaded during the hottest parts of the day, decreasing your need to run the air as much. And even if the spring chill lingers, your landscaper can help you place “wind breaks” like bushes, flower beds, fencing, etc. can prevent your home from feeling so cool and drafty so that you can keep the heat off.

3. Spiral Staircases
Does your home have an upper-level deck or second-story entryway? A spiral staircase could be the perfect solution to completely transform the look of the exterior of your house. Spiral staircase prices are reasonable, and you will have no shortage of options in selecting the right staircase for your needs. Elegant iron spiral stairs can add a dramatic yet complimentary touch to a more contemporary home, whereas a white wooden case could help to create a Cape Cod theme and bright colors add to a mod or funky appeal.

Instead of just cleaning this spring, give your yard a makeover and make your home the envy of your neighborhood!

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