Three Gadgets I Want For My Car Of The Future

We’ve all heard some incredible claims about upcoming technology that is designed to make life simpler and more enjoyable, and when it comes to cars it seems the advancements are never-ending. From GPS units to computerised engine management systems, the world of motoring is a constantly evolving one. I have been thinking long and hard about the car that I want to be driving in ten years from now, so here, with tongue firmly in cheek, are three innovations that I want to see.

Privacy screen
If you’ve ever seen one of those sliding glass screens that they have in corporate limousines, you may, like me, have wished you could have one on your Toyota Corolla. How cool would it be if, when the children start to make too much noise, you could simply press a button and blank out the din? And why stop there? I think driving would be even more pleasant if you could close a second screen to isolate you from the passenger in the front seat. This may place a little strain on marriages and friendships in the coming years, but I think as a society we can cope with it.

We’ve been reading about driverless cars a lot in the past decade, and I say that now enough is enough! It’s time this innovation stopped being a pipe dream and started being a reality. I love the idea that one day I will be able to key in an address (or maybe just use voice technology to say it) and then simply sit back and let the car take me there. I could read the paper, chat on the phone or just propel a few angry birds into the side of some houses – it’ll be great. So hurry up, boffins, and get this technology up and running. I’m a lazy man, and I can’t be bothered to drive ever again.

I use the TM here just in case I ever get round to developing the technology to make this a viable idea. I want a car that will, at the press of a button, shrink to a tenth of its normal size just so I can park more easily in congested city streets. Although I haven’t really got a trade mark or licence for Shrink-ParkTM at the moment, I want it to be remembered that this brilliant idea was all mine, unless someone else has already thought of it, of course. In the urban centres of the future, I want everyone to be grateful to me for coming up with the idea, if in fact I actually did. They might even build statues of me in my honour.

David Showell works for carrentals and has plenty of faith in the cars of the future.

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