Three Maryland Charities You Can Help Today

Maryland has been called the “Free State” and the “Old Line State”, but a more appropriate nickname would be the “Caring State”. Residents in Maryland love to help one another, and there are some charitable organizations you can support to show love for your state.

Donate a Car

Many people choose to donate cars because they want a sizable charitable donation to claim on their taxes, but donating a car is also a great way to help others. A car, or any vehicle donation, can do a lot to help our local residents. A car donation in Maryland could help give somebody a reliable form of transportation, or help give a charity extra money they can use for their charitable activities. Your car doesn’t need to be in excellent condition in order to donate it, even if a vehicle isn’t currently in running condition the charity may choose to repair it and sell it.

Support a Cancer Patient

The Aaron Parker Foundation is a Maryland non-profit organization that provides non-medical assistance for local residents with leukemia and other related leukemia cancers. The non-medical assistance is designed to give patients an extended inner circle of people who support and encourage cancer patients. The Aaron Parker Foundation was founded by the family and friends of Aaron Parker, a Maryland resident who was diagnosed with cancer. Parker was beloved by many in his community, and had the support of his family and friends when he was going through treatments.

When the Parker family learned that Aaron’s cancer had worsened, they reached out to other leukemia patients and families to give Aaron the support he needed. After he received a bone marrow transplant from his younger brother Aaron was cancer free, but unfortunately he developed an infection in his lungs and passed away in 1998 at the age of 23. The Parker family knows firsthand how difficult chemotherapy and cancer can be on patients and their families, so they started The Aaron Parker Foundation in order to help others during their times of need.

Keep Maryland Beautiful

Maryland’s historic cities and towns and beautiful surrounding nature make the state a beautiful place to live, and there are a group of people who are trying to keep the state beautiful for future generations. 1000 Friends of Maryland places a high priority on responsible spending and sustainable planning. They want to ensure that any new transportation infrastructure can help people easily get to where they need to go, and slow down unchecked development in order to protect the state’s rural farmland. 1000 Friends also stresses the importance of keeping Maryland communities strong, and they want to help local communities revitalize local communities and make the state a desirable place to live.

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