Three Ways To Make Your Home More Marketable

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, there are several things to keep in mind before you and your husband make the decision. In a buyer’s market, it’s important to make your home as marketable as possible in order to get a fair amount for your home and obviously, the nicer your home is, the more potential buyers are willing to offer. When it comes down to making your home more marketable during this economy, there are a few things to keep in mind including keeping the exterior clean, storing any excess furniture, keeping your interior clutter-free, and replacing old appliances. For example, an old washer or outdated sink should be replaced with an energy-efficient washer and a modern stainless steel sink.

Keep your exterior clean
Many potential buyers judge a book by its cover, meaning they will most likely base their opinion on the first thing they see – your home’s exterior. You could have an amazing home on the inside, but if the outside is not well-kept, potential buyers may have no desire to even check out the interior. Fixing up the exterior of your home is easy, as long as there are no defects. Get your husband to keep the lawn maintained and trees and bushes well-groomed, while you add a fresh coat of paint where necessary, such as doors and shutters. Make sure all leaves are picked up and your porch is clean. By making just a few DIY tweaks, you and your husband can make your exterior look just as inviting as your interior.

Store any excess furniture and de-clutter
One of the first thing potential buyers look for is size. By removing any large furniture and keeping bulky furniture to a minimum, you can really maximize the space in your home and show buyers your home’s potential. Have your husband help store bulky furniture outside of your home, so you can give the illusion of making your home look more spacious while you work on removing clutter. Keep counters clean and remove any clutter that might make your home look smaller or dirty. Be sure to store any unwanted items elsewhere – potential buyers will want to see storage space in your home as well. Add a fresh coat of paint to any rooms that look a little outdated – for example, a bold red might look great in a living room where there is a lot of social interaction, while a blue might be better for a bedroom to give off a more relaxing vibe.

Replace old appliances
Whether it’s an old washer or an outdated sink, it’s important to replace these appliances with updated versions, such as a new energy-efficient washer or a stainless steel sink. When potential homebuyers walk in, they want to see as little as possible that they have to fix themselves, as this equals more money and work on their part.

By keeping the exterior clean, storing excess furniture and de-cluttering the interior, and replacing old appliances, you and your husband should be able to sell your home in no time with the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent.

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