Three Ways To Save Money On Water

Stop Wasting Water in the Bathrooms
There are easy ways to save on your water bill at home. Many individuals take water for granted until the bill arrives. Making several small changes in your home can reduce your water bills. Leaking toilets and faucets waste hundreds of gallons of water a year. A plumber can replace leaking toilets or faucets to save on your water bill. While replacing these bathroom fixtures choose new efficient models. Install low-flow toilets and aerator faucets. Also, teach everyone in the family to turn off faucets while brushing teeth or shaving. In addition, everyone in the family can reduce shower times to five minutes to prevent wasting water.

Whole Home Water Filtration
Reducing the amount of money you spend on water is possible with a few simple tips. Water is a constant necessity for everyday life. You use it for cooking, cleaning and drinking. Having clean safe water for your family is imperative. This is possible with whole home water filtration system. These can be purchased or rented, Greenlife Water, is an example of one. Whole home water filtering systems are economical, and easy to install. Your family will feel better because it removes lead, chlorine, fungi and bacteria from tap water. Water from these types of filtration devices taste and smell better too. Installing a home water filter, regardless of the brand, is also extremely environmentally friendly. Today’s families rely too heavily on plaster water bottles. Plastic water bottles are cheap to buy but are a burden on our landfills. Having a home water filtration system allows you to get the same great filtered water taste without the waste. Getting in the habit of filling up a reusable bottle with filtered water will significantly reduce your own carbon footprint. This will also help you avoid the potential health risks associated with plastic bottle use. Whether they are true or not, it’s not worth the risk to you and your family.

Reduce Water Usage in the Laundry Room
Washing laundry is a major use of water in your home. A washer model that has features for shorter cycle times and smaller loads can save a lot of water. Before turning on the washer make sure the drum is full. Choose a laundry cycle that uses as little water as possible for your clothing. At the same time, keep your water heater in great condition to avoid using too much hot water. Consider purchasing a tankless water heater unit that quickly heats water, as your family needs it. This avoids cold water running down the drain while you wait for hot water.

John Jaismon writes freelance in the personal budgeting space. He is a penny-pincher and loves to share his experience and expertise with his readers.

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