Tin-roofed Houses, Coral Reefs and Cellular Jail Different Aspects Of Port Blair

Port Blair the capital of Andaman is the best place to explore under water. The lush greenery and the wonderful islands, Port Blair is a great destination to escape. Often known as the ‘Veritable Garden of Eden’, Port Blair is very beautiful. It is the main entry point to Andaman and Nicobar. The city houses the very famous cellular jail and other islands which were once occupied by the Britishers. The turquoise blue sea and the line of palm trees make Port Blair a picture perfect place. It is the base of Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and Indian Air Force.

Port Blair is the island state in Bay of Bengal and it is situated in the farthest part of India. The fresh and mangrove scented air will make you fall in love with Port Blair. The city has a unique blend of Nicobarese, Bengalis, Burmese, Tamil and Telgus people. Some of the nearby places are closed in order to conserve Jarawa tribe of Andaman. Port Blair Tourism offers all the details about the places. Wrapped in mythological, colonial and tribal tale, Port Blair has its own charm. It is believed that Andaman got its name from Hanuman.

Tin-roofed Houses, Coral Reefs and Cellular Jail Different Aspects Of Port Blair

90 percent of Port Blair is covered with tropical rainforests. It is a heaven for nature lovers and it is a great place for the adventure seekers. Cellular Jail is the place where freedom fighters were prisoned by the Britishers. Now, it is a prominent place of attractions. No trip to Port Blair is complete without visiting this historical landmark. Cellular Jail is also known as Kala Pani and it was known as one of the most inhuman places on earth. Built in 1906, it is the witness of brutal past of India. Except for Monday, all days of the week, the jail is open for the visitors. Ross and Smith Islands are the twin islands joined by a natural sandbar. It is just 15 minutes away from the city and a wonderful place to enjoy. Mount Harriet which is situated 1200 feet above the sea level, is the highest point in South Andaman. The spectacular view of Havelock and Ross islands from this point will mesmerise you. It is only 15 km away from Port Blair. Corbyn’s Cave, Samudrika Marine Museum where the wide variety of marine animal and coral is a treat to eyes. Except Monday and national holidays, all other days the museum is open for the visitors. Japanese Bunkers and Wandoor Beach are some other places to enjoy in Port Blair.

In almost every season, Port Blair has different charm. However, October to April is the peak time to enjoy the island. Regular flights are available from Chennai and Kolkata to reach Port Blair. For availability of ticket, check  flight booking. It takes 2 hours 15 mins to travel from both the cities. Well, if you are adventurous, you can travel by ship as well. You have to book tickets from Shipping Corporation of India. It takes 60 hours from Chennai, 66 hours from Kolkata and 56 hours from Vishakapatnam.

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