Tips For A Well Organized Kitchen

A kitchen whether big or small one need to be organized well in order to fit all the necessary tools for preparing delicious meals. When the space available is not a problem, you may not worry that much about storage and organization, but if you are short on space, then you may find it pretty hard to store everything.

So, if you are in the latter ones, you will for sure find the following tips very useful and you will get inspired of how to fit all those kitchen gadgets, utensils and tools in your small kitchen.

Wall Storage

Plain empty wall is not what you should see in your kitchen, so go on and add some shelves. Open shelving is perfect for a small kitchen. You will have your plates, cups, or glasses displayed and at hand. Make sure to have them at right height for you, so that you can reach them easily. Or besides shelves you can also add some hooks on the wall, perfect for hanging some pans, pots or cutting boards.

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Backsplash

The primary purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the walls from spills and cooking related accidents. Also, some backsplashes are mainly added for decoration. But this empty space can be also used for storing and displaying your knives or other utensils, by adding some hanging magnetic holder or some other storage system.

Corner Space

The corner space shouldn’t be neglected too when decorating a small kitchen. This can be perfect place for some corner drawers, corner shelves where you can store your kitchen tools, or maybe even a corner sink if it fits in your kitchen design.

Empty Side On The Kitchen Cabinets

The side space on the kitchen cabinets is often left empty, but this shouldn’t be the case when there is no too much space available in the kitchen. So, how about you try to use that space somehow and make it functional. For instance, you can add a towel rack or a wine rack, or maybe add some hooks for hanging utensils or cutting boards. You can also store store fresh veggies and fruit in a wire rack. Or simply use this place to display your favorite cookbooks or some herbs.

To sum up, even the tiniest kitchen can be well organized if you try to get the most of the space available. And the above tips are just some of the many non-typical ways of how to store all of your kitchen items.


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