Tips For Choosing A Personal Trainer

You want to get in shape, but you don’t feel like you can do it alone. You have the option of hiring a personal trainer, but you want to make sure you’re choosing correctly. Otherwise, working with a trainer that isn’t delivering the desired results is a huge waste of both your time and money. Follow these tips for finding the best perfect trainer for you.

Start With Your Gym
Your first stop when on the hunt for a trainer is your area gym or fitness center. It helps if you already have a membership, but even if you don’t, you can still ask around. You’ll be encouraged to sign up for a membership to start and then the training comes with additional fees. However, some gyms will let you sign up for a personal training membership without making you purchase a regular membership. If you feel that you can get the most out of an in-gym training session, this option is great for you. Keep in mind that if you want to workout in a gym with your trainer but you don’t want to use the trainer the gym has on staff, you’ll have to find a gym that allows you to bring in an outside trainer. These gyms are far and few between, though!

Use Social Media
In your hunt for a personal trainer, social media can be a huge help. By searching different social media platforms, you can get an idea of the trainers your friends and connections use. You can also check out the social media web pages for different trainers to read feedback from clients. Plus, you can directly interact with different trainers before you decide to work with them to get an idea for how well you’ll communicate with each other.

Check Credentials
When you’ve found a trainer who’s personality and style of coaching matches your goals, you should check out their credentials before making a final decision. Ask if your trainer has a certification or degree in the exercise or fitness field. You can also search for trainers in your area by logging onto the websites of the American Council on Exercise, the National Strength and Conditioning Association or the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.

Conducting an Interview
You may think that you’ve found the trainer who’s right for you, but you should still conduct an interview first. Ask the trainer about his experience and credentials. Find out what type of motivational techniques he uses to inspire clients. Ask what specific workout regime he’ll develop for you based on your fitness level and goals. Find out how often your workout will be changed. Then, call some of his clients for references. Any quality trainer will provide all of this information without hesitation.

Important Business Questions
Since money is a consideration when hiring a trainer, find out the different packages offered and if you can purchase individual sessions. Also, always ask about a refund policy.

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