Tips For Disassembling And Reassembling Office Furniture

Disassembling and reassembling office furniture is a headache! You want to make sure that the integrity of the piece is not compromised and must take special care. The easiest piece of office furniture to disassemble is probably the office chair. Many adjustable chairs have a seat that will lift off completely if you press down the button or lever and simultaneously lift it off. You want to make sure that any screws that are needed for reassembly, are kept in a Ziploc bag and then taped to the piece. Another option, if you do not want to tape it to the piece itself is to label all the different Ziploc bags and then keep them together in a separate bag or box. You can get boxes for each of the pieces of furniture or you can wrap each piece in thick bubble wrap and packing tape, to protect it, even if stacking a flat piece on each other there’s a chance that it can get chipped or scratched if not properly wrapped.

What steps should be taken prior to disassembling office furniture?

  • Empty all drawers and shelves
  • Now is a perfect time to get rid of things you don’t need
  • Get File Boxes to store files in while moving
  • Label Everything!

There are companies that provide this service, hiring a team to come and move your office furniture including disassembling and reassembling, can save you precious time and energy. Quick Pick furniture removalists can help you with all your office moving needs. A company that specializes in moving office furniture, can also help you figure out a proper layout to organize the new office space that you will be moving to. A company can also help you to disassemble office cubicles, if you have them, and need to move them.

What steps should be taken when moving things to new office space?

  • Review new office space and think of layout.
  • Are you trying to keep it mainly the same or completely different than current space?
  • Is there a designated break room area
  • Now is a good time to implement new rules, and hire new staff if needed.
  • Also keep in mind that if you are redefining the company as a whole, that you may have some staff apprehension
  • Start talking about, and having meetings regarding the move in advance

Go through all office furniture and get rid of broken pieces or pieces that no longer serve a purpose. You can also re-purpose or repair pieces that are useful and in good shape. Now is also a good time to check out all computers, printers, etc. and see if they may need to be serviced or replaced prior to moving. Make sure that the new space is freshly painted and move in ready. If it is a space you are buying instead of renting, then the best time to do the necessary renovations is prior to moving in. If the new office space is rented space, you may still be able to do some renovations, with permission of the landlord.

Keep in mind the new office location as compared to your current location. Depending on the type of business you are running, you may need to work to establish a whole new client base if you are moving far outside of your current geographical location. If your business is a service based business, make sure that your current clients are aware that you will be moving, get them excited about all the “brand new possibilities” that moving to different office space will provide.

Upon moving if you are a service based business, you can host an open house, with appetizers and games, to get people, including your staff, excited about the move. There are some instances when moving farther won’t matter too much, which is an office where most of the business is conducted online. Just make sure that your staff is willing to take on the added commute time. Best of Luck with your new move!

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