Tips For Finding The Most Affordable BSN Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is a four-year academic certificate designed to prepare aspiring nurses for professional practice. The BSN curricula is steeped in the science and precepts of today’s nursing environment. Although the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) qualifies nurses for a licensing exam to be certified as a registered nurse in North America, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree grants more professional responsibilities and higher pay post-graduation.

Bachelor of Science or Associate Degree?
The BSN takes twice as long to complete as the ADN, but the BSN uniquely qualifies future nurses by training them in the following areas: leadership, information technology, HIPPA, nursing science, and best-practice research modalities. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree affords more variability in coursework and typically ensures a higher salary post-graduate compared to recipients of an Associate Degree in Nursing.

Online Resources for BSN
The Guide to Online Schools and US News and World Reportare edifying online resources for aspiring nurses. Both websites offer clear ratings and ranking criteria that may assist nurses locate the best schools or ease the transfer to a more accommodating program. Why is narrowing down the search important? The nursing field is incredibly diverse, especially as regards job duties and responsibilities. Some nursing schools are highly regarded for essentially any nursing pursuit, such as Michigan State University, whereas other nursing programs specialize in one niche of nursing. Nonetheless, aspiring nurses may select either nurse practitioner or certified nursing assistant from’s drop down box at the top of the screen, and parse the resultant options.

US News and World Report
For decades, US News and World Reporthas been the top dog in graduate and undergraduate school rankings. The most expedient route for finding suitable BSN programs on US News and World Report’s website is to select graduate programs, then navigate to schools of nursing. The drop down box on the page that ranks undergraduate and graduate nursing programs will allow users to specify their intended field of study. As a rule of thumb, a BSN degree will be commensurate in cost to most other bachelor’s degree at that particular university.

How to Save Money on a BSN…
Aspiring nurses can expect degrees from top-rated nursing programs like the University of Pennsylvania or the University of Michigan to be considerably less money for in-state students. Aspiring nurses may be better served in locating the top nursing programs in their state versus attempting to locate the best nursing school in the country. For instance, the perceptive young person from Illinois perusing US News and World Report‘s website may detect that the University of Illinois-Chicago has an esteemed program with low in-state tuition. The University of Illinois-Chicago School of Nursing, indeed, has a BSN degree offering for qualified candidates!

Board of Registered Nursing
The Board of Registered Nursing’s website has perhaps the most comprehensive listing of certified BSN programs anywhere online. Although aggregating the wealth of data on the Board of Registered Nursing’s website may prove difficult, suffice it to say that in-state tuition for state schools will generally be much cheaper than the yearly tuition for a BSN degree at a prestigious private institution. For instance, a BSN degree may be attained from the University of Utah or University of Texas for considerably less money than from Johns Hopkins University. Notably, all certified BSN programs lead to roughly the same professional opportunities.

Summing Up
Students looking to save money on BSN degrees would be wise to utilize the foregoing ranking and listing resources. While US News and World Report will assist in locating the best in-state programs, the Board of Registered Nursing’s website can capstone the scholastic decision!

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Rhonda Blakely is a surgical nurse and guest author at Best Colleges Online, where she has authored guides to the cheapest RN to BSN programs online.

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