Tips for Pet Owners to Keep Their House Clean

Having a pet is like having another family member who is just like a child. When you have a pet
it becomes quite essential to maintain the hygiene of the house by regular deep cleanings. You
can either choose to clean the house on your own or appoint some professional home cleaning
services to do the job for you. But, if we talk about few tips that can come in handy in
maintain cleanliness at home with your pet(s) around then they are as follows. There is no
denying the fact that regular deep cleanings are very important but on a daily basis practicing the
below mentioned tips can also go a long way in keeping your house clean and odor-free.

Create a Pet Cleaning Station

Setting up a pet cleaning station at any entrance of your home will help you combat messes
before they can even enter your home. Here’s everything you’ll need for your station:
Indoor/outdoor rugs- use these to absorb any dirt, mud, and water your pet may track in from
Wipes– Adding baby wipes or specialty pet deodorizing wipes to your station will allow you to
attack pet odor as it happens.
Towels– Having some extra towels hanging around will come in handy on rainy days when you
need to dry your pet off quickly.
Spray bottle– Fill your spray bottle with some water to help you break up dried mud on your
pet’s paws or coat.

Protect Your Sofa

We know some fur babies love to enjoy a good nap on the sofa, but we also know how hard it is
to get rid of pet fur once it has attached itself to your sofa. Upgrading your sofa to a pet-friendly
material like leather or microfiber can help you avoid fur, odor, and pet stains from ruining your
furniture. Replacing your sofa may be easier said than done, so if that is not an option, you
should consider adding some decorative throw blanks to your home’s decor. Not only are throw
blanks super cozy, but they are also great for protecting your sofa from fur and stains. You can
also hire professional sofa cleaning services to get it cleaned thoroughly.

Stay Prepared With a Spot Cleaner

Spot cleaners are not just great for saving your clothes from stubborn stains; they are also great
for saving your furniture and carpet. You can invest in a pet-friendly odor eliminating spot
cleaner, or you can create your own by combining half water, half white vinegar, and few drops
of dish liquid in a spray bottle. You can also hire professional home cleaning services ensure a spotless and odor-free home.

Professional Deep Cleaning

While you may not have trouble keeping up with the little messes your pets make, you may need
some help tackling bigger jobs like carpet cleaning or dusting living areas. Having your home
cleaned by the professionals such as will help you remove stubborn dirt and
allergens that pets can carry. We provide top quality home cleaning services in Noida to scores
of our clients.

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