Tips For Welcoming Foreign Business Partners

Most businesses often have to make arrangements for foreign business partners to visit. Such visits can be fruitful for both business and networking opportunities. If you have foreign business partners flying in sometime soon, here are some tips for welcoming them:

Arrange Airport Pickup

The most welcoming gesture you can make is to arrange airport pickup to the hotel for your business partners. Don’t let them call their own cab. Get a proper car service to do this. For example, there are corporate cabs Melbourne that provide reliable drivers and sophisticated vehicles for business-related special occasions. Impress your business partners and make them comfortable with such a service.

Tips For Welcoming Foreign Business Partners

Hire a Car Service for Travel

Travelling to the hotel will not be the only transport your business partners will need. They will need to get about town for business and leisure purposes. You can be accommodating here and hire a car service for the entire duration of their stay. The chauffer services that arrange airport pickup can be booked for extended trips. If you have a service provider in your area that offers this type of service, hire them right away. It’s important to keep your guests comfortable. More importantly, there should not be any incidents getting in the way of business. If your partners are hiring cabs to get around, it’s possible there will be unpleasant situations. If your business partners are happy throughout the trip, they will be most amicable towards doing good business.

Dine with Them on the First Night

Before you get down to business, arrange a nice dinner or a supper with the partners. If you can’t arrange dinner, make it breakfast or lunch. In any case, it should be the first meal the business partners have after arriving. It’s important to be sensitive here. Ask them what type of food they would like. They might want to try local fare. Or they might want to get a taste of home and go to a restaurant in the city serving food from their country. Try not to make the dinner a foodie adventure, unless it’s what’s requested. Dinner can be formal or semi-casual, depending on how familiar you are with the business partners.

Show Them around the Town

It may or may not be the first time your business partners have visited Australia. But they would want to travel around, go sightseeing, and shop. You should arrange to do this. Local tour companies sometimes offer business packages that you may be able to take advantage of. If the business partners are arriving for the first time in your city, take them to the most notable tourist attractions. If they have been in your city before, you can ask local tourist experts where you can take them. There will be plenty of places and attractions they have not seen yet. You should also ask your business partners what leisure arrangements you can make to make their trip feel fun and useful.

Don’t Jump into Business

Don’t get into doing business right away. Wait a day or two until your business partners are well rested and relaxed to talk business. Only hasten to talk business if the partners are in a real hurry. Otherwise, it’s smart to take your time until both parties are familiar with each other.

Try the above trips to make the visit go smoother.