Tips For Writing A Best Man’s Speech

Being asked to be the best man at your best friend’s wedding may be the best news you’ve had all year, but it can also be a daunting prospect when the reality of giving a speech sets in.

Read Stanley House’s helpful hints below, and the speech will go without a glitch.

Keep it brief
Your speech will ordinarily follow the bride’s father and the groom’s, so guests will be getting fidgety and ready to head to the bar.

We are not suggesting you simply stand up, say cheers and sit down again but you will want to keep things fairly brief. Five to seven minutes is the recommended time to keep peoples’ attention.

Introduce yourself
Not all the guests at the wedding will know who you are, so it’s important to introduce yourself at the start of your speech – say how you met the bride and groom and how long you’ve known them.

Tell a story
The bulk of your speech should be a story about the groom and if possible, one that includes the bride. It’s your chance to add colour to the wedding breakfast so be descriptive.

Remember your audience

Try to add some humour to your speech to keep the guests entertained, but while you might think it is a good idea to humiliate your friend by telling tales of his previous relationship disasters, or embarrassing drunken antics, remember you will be speaking to his older relatives too.

Practice makes perfect
Try to write your speech a couple of months in advance of the wedding if you can.

There is no need to learn it completely, but you should read through it at least once a day as the more prepared you are, the more relaxed you’ll feel on the day.

Be different
Reading a speech is not for everyone and it works to be innovative. Play to your strengths with writing a song, presenting a slideshow, reading a poem or performing a re-enactment – all of which can really make your take on a speech stand out.

Enjoy it!
The last thing to remember is, that your best friend chose you because you mean a lot to him, so relax, be yourself and enjoy it.

You’ll regret it if you look back on the happiest day in your best friend’s life knowing you spent the whole day quivering about your speech. Trust us!

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