If you frequently look for jobs online, chances are that you may have applied for one vacancy that required you to fill out some forms. You may not have given much thought to why you would fill out your personal details and still attach your resume and cover letter for the job application. Well, most companies that do this often need some information that may not be available on your resume. This information will thus be used to screen you. For you to succeed here, you must answer the questions asked as candidly and complete as possible.


  1. You must be ready to complete filling the blank job application form on time.

Bank job application forms of some companies are out there on the internet and you may fill out those forms online. In such cases, you will need to type your answers on spaces provided. Others will give you the form during the interview process, which you will be required to fill and take back to the company by a certain date. Since most of these questions would not require yes or no answers, but some explanations, you will need time to fill out the form. Thus, when you come across a form in your job search, set aside enough time to thoroughly go through the questions.

  1. Make a Copy Of the Form

If it is possible to make a copy of the form, by all means, do so. Handing a form that is not neat is not advisable. You would probably need to have a draft of your answers. By making the copy, you can practice filling it out to make sure that all that you need for your answers will fit in well in the spaces provided. This will however not be necessary if the form is to be filled online.

  1. Have Your Documents Ready

The questions that most of the job application forms have are directly related to your work. You will thus need to have your resume and cover letter ready for you to fill out the forms.

  1. Read Carefully and Answer Fully

The form is one way of testing your ability to follow instructions. Before jumping to answer the questions, review the whole form first. Note how you are expected to answer the questions (e.g, if you are required to write some information in block letters) and how you expected to fill out your age and gender details.

When it comes to answering the questions, be as frank as possible. However, in being frank, do not give any negative details on your past experiences. Be very careful with the how and why questions. These are the kinds of questions that can either disqualify you are make you succeed. The how needs you to demonstrate, or show your response to a certain situation that may require your attention. The why may require some explanation on reasons for your taking some certain actions. For you to succeed with this, be sure to read the question and understand the kind of answer that will act act in your favor.

  1. Fill Out All Required Spaces

In the Application careers, you may come across questions that may be hard to answer, or that may not be applicable to you. It is highly advisable for you not to leave the spaces blank, or write something like “refer to my resume”. If the question is already answered in your resume, structure it to fit what is needed in the form. If the question is not applicable to you (e.g, if you have children, marital status,having worked for the government, etc) just put “not applicable” or N/A. This is much better than leaving it blank. Remember that there’s why the recruiters are asking you this question.

With these few tips, you may be able to ace the job application process and start your career.

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