Tips On Choosing A Good School Bag

So you and your child are getting ready for his first day in school! With all the demands of school today, your child needs a good school bag. Not just any cheap, flimsy school bag will do. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for a school bag.

School rules
Make sure that you are aware of the prescribed school bag of your child’s school. Some schools don’t allow roller bags. Some prefer backpacks and others prefer backpacks with wheels. So check with the school before buying.

If the school allows it, opt for a backpack. It distributes the weight to both your child’s shoulders, lessening the chance for injuries.

If your child has some back weakness or neck injury, ask the school if he can use a roller bag.

Get a bag that is big enough to hold all your child’s things but light enough for him to still be able to carry on his own. A child should not carry more than 10-20% of his body weight. Choose a bag that has a water bottle holder, multiple pouches and several compartments. These will help distribute the weight and keep things organized.

If you are getting a backpack, choose one with padded straps that are wide and a padded waist belt. This type has good support and will lower the risk of injury to the neck and lower back.

Ask your child
It is also important to get your child’s opinion. After all, it is his bag and he will be the one carrying it all day, every day. He might have a preferred color or character on the design. Also, be sure that this bag is for keeps and that he will continue to use it for at least a year or two.

Invest in a good brand
If your child is not fussy about the type and design of the bag, it is best to invest in a good brand. Get a bag with a good fit. Avoid very wide bags and be sure that the bag rests snugly against the back of your child comfortably. It should also not hang too far below the waist. Choose a bag made with sturdy materials and check for good workmanship especially on the zippers and straps. These bags are a bit expensive than your regular character bag but he will surely be able to use it even after a few school grades.

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