Tips To Boost B2B Lead Generation:

Lead generation is all well and good but unless those leads convert into sales you will have wasted your time, energy and more importantly money in the process of generating them. This is a problem that occurs when the leads that you have are not correctly qualified. No matter how those leads are generated either through a telemarketing campaign, trade stand or other method the process of generating leads isn’t all about the numbers that you get.

One of the reasons that some companies fail in their lead generation programmes is that they fail to realise that it is the quality of the leads that they get that they should be focussing on and not the quantity, this is what the success of the failure of the campaign rests on. In order to make the most of the lead generation there are a number of things that you should be focussing on.

Know Your Market
It should be common sense that you have a good understanding of the market that you are operating in but many businesses fail to take the time to give this the attention that it deserves. Being aware of your target audience is imperative if you want to succeed. To run a marketing campaign of any description without having a firm understanding of your target market is a futile exercise. Simply running the campaign and hoping that it ‘does the trick’ is incredibly bad business sense. Not only will you be wasting your money by doing this you will also probably be pitching your business to people who haven’t got the slightest bit of interest in who you are and what you do.

You not only need to be aware of your target audience you need to know which prospects are the ones that are most likely to convert into sales. Keep an eye out for any new business opportunities that may present themselves too. Look for changes in the role of decision makers within the companies that you are marketing yourselves too as new people often means new leads.

Qualified Leads
Make sure that your entire marketing team know what you mean when you are asking them to find qualified leads. Provide them with a definition and a list of criteria that they can check to make sure that their lead really does qualify. You should also take this opportunity of meeting with your marketing team to outline the objectives of the marking campaign that they are all engaged upon. With a firm understanding of what makes a qualified lead you should get the emphasis shifted from quantity over to quality.

Once your team have all of the required information, and goals to achieve you can set to work. You need to ensure that you have the best people on your team focussed on lead generation, make sure that they are trained and know what they are doing. Don’t trust this task to someone with no understanding of the task at hand or you will again be wasting your money.

Mark Watts is a leading author on all things B2B marketing – he regularly visits Sure2Door for more information on the latest topics and ideas.

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