Tips To Buying The Right Appliances

Shopping for appliances calls for a great deal of skill. True, you can cash in on deals and offers. There are times when you can pick a great appliance at an auction and when you compare with the actual price, find that you bought it at half price. Unlike shoes, furniture or books you need to be careful when buying appliances. No, this is not to say that you should stop buying appliances from a sale or auction.

Why this article is calling for caution is such that you don’t end up buying something that cannot be repaired in the event of a breakdown. The appliance might be marked “new” but in reality it is second hand. The red flag should be when you look at the price tag and realize that the price has been reduced by a big margin. Enough said; here are some tips that will come in handy when buying the right appliances:

Guarantee or warranty

It is important that you ask for a product guarantee or warranty. This cushions you from having to pay for its servicing. New appliances usually come with a one or two year warranty. This guarantees you that the seller will take up the cost of repairs should the appliance develop mechanical problems during this time. Warranties also speak volumes about how genuine the appliance is.


Where you are having doubts, ask the salesman at the store. For instance, where you come across a huge price slash on an appliance, it means there is a story behind it. The storekeeper is not just delighted to give the product away. He has to make some profit. You should ask for the rationale behind the price slash. It could be a dent or scratch that makes buyers avoid the product. If you are certain that there is no mechanical failure, prod the salesman further. Maybe the warranty is void. With such knowledge, you can decide to buy the appliance if you are ready to foot the repair costs.

Impulse buying

Avoid it all costs. Buy appliances that you really need. Maybe you had been invited for a party at the neighbor’s. While there, you could not get your eyes away from the giant flat screen TV. That does not warrant you to go for the same. Or, you could be doing some impromptu shopping when you carelessly stray into the appliances section and spot a microwave whose price has been drastically slashed. If you are tempted to buy it, you will end up causing a huge dent in your budget. What if you have another microwave? That will be wasteful.


This time you genuinely need the appliance. Go online and research on the best models or brand names. Name brands like Rigid are always trustworthy. You can find Rigid Parts here in order to fix up your appliances correctly!

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