Tips To Follow While Waiting For An Ambulance

In the situation where somebody you are with requires an ambulance it is of course very important to think quickly and rationally. Once you have made the emergency services aware of where you are and what the problem is there is then the delay that follows before they arrive, which hopefully will not be a lengthy one. During this time it is extremely necessary to keep a few different things in mind, though the exact nature of the problem can of course affect the clarity of your thinking.

Looking after the person
There are many different moments when you may be required to phone for an ambulance for someone you happen to be with but whether you are at home or somewhere less familiar it is vital to make sure that they are given the attention they need while you wait for the ambulance to arrive. If there is more than one of you around to look after the person then give that sole responsibility to someone. If however you are the only other person present then you have to do this while also putting some other arrangements in place.

Prepare any information or medication
The specific nature of the issue that has forced the calling of an ambulance can be almost anything but whatever the problem may be it is crucial that you have the information ready to give to the ambulance crew when they arrive on the scene. If you know that the other person is taking medication or has any specific supplies or necessary requirements then try as much as you can to have these on hand in preparation for the ambulance’s arrival.

Clear the route
In any situation where an ambulance is required to come to you it will make a big difference if the immediate pathway to you is completely clear. You can be a big help in this scenario if you move any vehicles or obstacles belonging to you outside, if you are at home. It may also be a sensible idea to ensure that one of you is there to meet the paramedics outside to speed up the process.

Keep things as calm as possible
In an emergency scenario it is easy to allow all sense of calm to go out of the window but do your utmost to keep a hold of the situation. If there are any children around then reassure them and do the same for the person who is waiting to be seen by the paramedics.

Article written by Sarah Hill on behalf of the air ambulance service –

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