Tips To Help You Increase Your JEE Score

JEE the all India entrance exam for getting admission into the engineering colleges and the rank in the JEE exams determine an admission into an engineering college in India. So, you need to prepare really hard and work harder to crack the JEE and get a good rank to get into the engineering college. As all the students across India are competing, you need to upgrade your level to standout in the competition. There is only one way to do so, and that is by constant practice until you achieve that level.

Some special tricks to crack JEE mains and JEE advanced

Let us take a look at the practice techniques that will help you improve your score in the JEE main and JEE advanced exams.

Tips To Help You Increase Your JEE Score

Get to know your strengths and weaknesses

You should do proper self-assessment. That means, get to know about your capacities properly, the strong areas and the weak ones as well. it can be easily done by putting the knowledge to test. You can take help of the many online mock tests and the forums have system of JEE mains rank predictor and JEE advanced rank predictor. You can evaluate your qualities in the best way from that.

Plan the whole process

The preparation of JEE main 2016 or JEE advanced 2016 exams has to be properly planned. Download the JEE mains syllabus or JEE advanced syllabus and find out the main areas to work hard on.

Planning the preparations for JEE exams is a very important step. You need to know about your strength and weaknesses and plan for the best result according to that. Then is the hard work for the big exams.

Solving the last few year’s papers and understanding the level of hardness and the exam pattern

You need to sit with the JEE main 2015 examination papers and JEE advanced 2015 question paper and start solving them fully according to the exam regulations i.e., within time limit. You will get the level of hardness of previous year’s paper and will give you practice for the exam as well. Keep the JEE advanced 2015 solutions at hand as they are useful in the process.

Use the online help

You should put the knowledge of the internet to use. After noting down the strengths and weaknesses, you can take help from the educational web sites regarding the notes and lectures of famous teachers and most importantly, the problem solving techniques. It will reduce your weak areas and increase the strong ones.

Keep a note of the time

The JEE exams depend on time efficiency and time management to a greater extent.  So, you need to practice to increase the time efficiency. It is advisable that you practice from good books with different variety of questions and those which are repeated a lot of times. A lot of online mock tests are conducted from which evaluating your level and practicing becomes easier.

Points to remember while preparing for the JEE

Here are some points to take note of for improving the score:

  • You should not try to study more than it’s required. Polishing the strong points for best results is required. Over studying hampers that.
  • You shouldn’t spend too much effort and time on hard questions in exam and look for the easier ones which requires less time.
  • You should practice regularly and as much as you can. It’s only practice which can take you to perfection.
  • You should brush up the portions which you have studied previously so that they do not go out of the head.
  • Practice as many questions as you can and give as many mock tests as you can. Exam practice is a valuable practice.

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